Lakes & Reservoirs: Research & Management

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Edited By: W. Rast

Online ISSN: 1440-1770

Editorial Board

W. Rast (USA)

Expert Advisory Panel
N. Aladin (Russia)
S. Azevedo (Brazil)
M. A. Chitale (India)
R. De Bernardi (Italy)
S. Diop (Senegal)
Z. Hu (China)
X. Jin (China)
M. Nakamura (Japan)
L. Naselli-Flores (Italy)
C. H. D. Magadza (Zimbabwe)
S. Matsui (Japan)
M. Meybeck (France)
E. Odada (Kenya)
D. Olago (Kenya)
A. K. Pattnaik (India)
R. D. Robarts (Canada)
A. Santos-Borja (Philippines)
Y. Shimizu (Japan)
J. Skinner (Guatemala)
J. G. Tundisi (Brazil)
T. Watanabe (Japan)

Editorial Correspondence

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Lakes & Reservoirs: Research and Management