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Edited By: Peter Eastwood

Impact Factor: 3.495

ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2013: 15/53 (Respiratory System)

Online ISSN: 1440-1843

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Respirology publishes regular online-only Virtual Issues, which group together articles on a particular topic or theme that have appeared in the Journal over the past few years. You can access the following Virtual Issues from the journal online now.

Free respiratory medicine articleTuberculosis: Current State of Knowledge

This review series covers the current state of knowledge on a number of important aspects of the disease from experts from around the globe. While these reviews highlighted some encouraging progress that should prove applicable even in some of the most challenging settings, they also identified some important gaps in our current knowledge of this disease and some major limitations in our current control strategies.

Free respiratory medicine articleStem Cells and the Lung

This review series, authored by leading experts, explores the advances as well as the challenges of cell therapy for lung diseases.

Free respiratory medicine articleCOPD: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

This Virtual Issue collates recently published reviews and original articles that focus on the latest research into chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. >> Read now.

For more papers on COPD, please visit all Respirology’s content here.

Free respiratory medicine articleTranslating Research into Practice

Series Editors David C Lam and John Heffner bring you reviews of progress that has been made in the translation of sound scientific research into clinical practice and how this has been achieved. A wide range of respiratory diseases were concerned by these innovations from lung cancer to COPD, infections to sleep disorder, and advances in screening, imaging, biopsy techniques, genetics, biomarkers as well as the discovery of new mechanisms linking several diseases were applied to develop new techniques and treatment protocoles. >>Read now.

Free respiratory medicine articleObesity and Respiratory Disorders

Obesity is an ever increasing public and individual health issue and the impacts of this disorder on respiratory function can be significant and are often underestimated. This virtual issue regroups 11 reviews from authors from all over the world covering many aspects of the impact of obesity on respiratory function from the consequences on treatments such as exercise rehabilitation, and bariatric surgery to links with sleep apnoea, sleep disordered breathing and asthma. Assessment and treatments options are explored and discussed. >> Read now.

Free respiratory medicine articleAir Pollution and Lung Health

This virtual issue collates a series of invited reviews dedicated to air pollution and lung health co-edited by Ian Yang and Stephen Holgate. The reviews explore what the many sources of air pollution are and how to monitor air pollution and the options for warning systems. Risk factors and links to airway diseases are discussed and evidence explored. >> Read now.

Free respiratory medicine articleHow to Set-up Pulmonary Subspecialty Services

Presented by Prof. Lee and written by world renowned pulmonary specialists, this virtual issue regroups a short series of reviews on “How to set-up pulmonary subspecialty services”. The reviews cover every question to consider before setting-up such services, things to consider when planning the development of the services, and give practical advice on equipment, protocol, staff and so on. In short, this series explains how to do it the best way possible. >> Read now

Free respiratory medicine articleRespiratory Health Issues in the Asia-Pacific Region

This virtual issue collates a series of invited reviews dedicated to respiratory health issues in the Asia-Pacific region. This region present particular challenges as it is large and home to a broad population in terms of living environments, climates, socio-economic situations, genetic background and ethnicities. This series is dedicated to addressing respiratory health issues affecting this region and reviewing the current state of treatments and strategies for the future. >> Read now

Free respiratory medicine articleCutting Edge Technologies

This exciting virtual issue collates our recently published review series on cutting edge technologies edited by Prof. Darryl Knight highlighting novel technologies in respiratory research. >> Read now

Free respiratory medicine articlePleural Diseases

This Virtual Issue collates invited reviews covering the latest research and clinical advances in pleural diseases reviewed by internationally renowned expert in the field.>> Read now

Free respiratory medicine articleThink Tank Reviews

This Virtual Issue collates articles from our 'Think Tank' Invited Review Series. This series provides insightful reviews that critically examine topical issues in the fields of lung cancer, sleep disorders, asthma, thoracic imaging, pleural diseases, paediatric pulmonary diseases and translational technologies in respiratory research. >> Read now

Free respiratory medicine articlePro/Con Debates

This Virtual Issue collates articles from our "Pro/Con" Invited Review Series. In this informative series, experts debate contentious subjects such as the management of swine flu, the safety of LABA's and treatment of IPF, empyema, lung cancer and asthma. >> Read now

Free respiratory medicine articleTuberculosis

This Virtual Issue on Tuberculosis collates a review series from world renowned authors on topics such as the control and elimination of tuberculosis, diagnostic advances, immunology, and treatment. >> Read now

Free respiratory medicine articleComplications in Lung Procedures

This Virtual Issue on complications in lung procedures features reviews from world renowned authors focusing on complications (and their management) of interventional respiratory procedures, including bronchoscopy, thoracic surgery, pleural procedures, radiological interventions and ICU care. >> Read now