Plant Species Biology

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Edited By: Masashi Ohara

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Best Paper Award

Each year Plant Species Biology honors articles of excellent scientific importance with the Best Paper Award.

The 2012 Awardee is:
Influence of pollinator grooming on pollen-mediated gene dispersal in Mimulus ringens (Phrymaceas).
Karsten G. Holmquist, Randall J. Mitchell and Jeffrey D. Karron

The 2011 Awardee is:
Breeding system and pollination by mimicry of the orchid Tolumnia guibertiana in Western Cuba.
Ángel Vale, Luis Navarro, Danny Rojas and Julio C. Álvarez

The 2010 Awardee is:
Discovery of male sterile plants and their contrasting occurrence between self-compatible and self-incompatible populations of the hermaphroditic perennial Trillium camschatcense.
Shosei Kubota and Masashi Ohara

The 2009 Awardee is:
Floral adaptations to nocturnal moth pollination in Diplomorpha (Thymelaeaceae)
Tomoko Okamoto, Atsushi Kawakita, Makoto Kato

The 2008 Awardees are:
Evolution of pollinator generalization in bumblebee-pollinated plants
Kazuo Suzuki, Ikumi Dohzono and Kayako Hiei

Conservation of rare species with island-like distributions: A case study of Lasthenia conjugens (Asteraceae) using population genetic structure and the distribution of rare markers
Jennifer M. Ramp Neale, Tom A.Ranker and Sharon K. Collinge

The 2007 Awardees were:
Endemic dwarf birch Betula apoiensis (Betulaceae) is a hybrid that originated from Betula ermanii and Betula ovalifolia
Teruyoshi, Nagamitsu, Takayuki, Kawahara, Ayako Kanazashi

Lifetime sexual dimorphism in Juniperus communis var. communis
Lena K. Ward