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Edited By: Atsushi Manabe

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Virtual Issue: Kawasaki Disease (Updated March 2017)

Kawasaki Disease (KD) was first described by Professor Tomisaku Kawasaki, a Japanese pediatrician, almost 40 years ago. KD is an acute systemic vasculitis that affects mainly infants and children and is a major cause of acquired heart disease in developed countries. The cause of the disease is still unknown. The combination of high-dose immunoglobulin and aspirin is known to reduce the occurrence of coronary artery abnormality, which is one of the major complications of KD; however, approximately 20% of patients have persistent or recurrent fever and additional treatment is needed for such patients. Corticosteroids have been used for KD for a long time without verification of the effects and this year Dr Tohru Kobayashi, a Japanese pediatrician, finally showed that corticosteroids decreased the incidence of coronary disease in patients with high-risk features by conducting a randomized study (Lancet 2012; 379:1613-20). In order to celebrate this accomplishment, we have planned a virtual issue of the journal dedicated to KD

Atsushi Manabe, MD.

Afebrile Kawasaki disease with coronary artery dilatation
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Marker of T-cell activation is elevated in refractory Kawasaki disease
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High prevalence of antibodies against Bartonella henselae with cervical lymphadenopathy in children
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Six patients with Kawasaki disease showing retropharyngeal low-density areas on computed tomography
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Isolated abducens palsy in adolescent girl with Kawasaki disease
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Pyuria is not always sterile in children with Kawasaki disease
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