Ecological Management & Restoration

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Edited By: Dr Tein McDonald

Online ISSN: 1442-8903

Associated Title(s): Austral Ecology

Virtual Issues

Virtual Issues from Ecological Management & Restoration

10th Anniversary Virtual Issue - Key articles from the first ten years of EMR,

Published: 14 Aug 2009

Introduction: This 'virtual issue' of EMR brings together previously published content and marks the journal's 10th Anniversary. Content selection is based on the goal of keeping readers informed about the latest thinking and innovations in restoration science and practice. While the focus of the journal has been on the Australasian region, many of the articles have wider interest and application. This reflects the common issues being addressed by restoration practitioners and scientists across the globe.

A perspective on the evolving science and practice of ecological restoration in Australia
Tein McDonald and Jann Williams

Karparti ecology: Recognition of Aboriginal ecological knowledge and its application to management in north-western Australia
Mark Horstman, Glenn Wightman

Watering private property wetlands in the Murray Valley, New South Wales
Deborah J. Nias, Patricia Alexander, Matthew Herring

Tilbuster Commons: Synergies of theory and action in new agricultural commons on private land
David J. Brunckhorst, Phillip Coop

Merri Creek: Managing an urban waterway for people and nature
Judy Bush, Barb Miles, Brian Bainbridge

Indigenous initiatives for co-management of Miyapunu/Sea Turtle
Rod Kennett, Cathy J. Robinson, Ilse Kiessling, Djawa Yunupingu, Munungurritj, Djalalingba Yunupingu

Travelling stock reserves: refuges for stock and biodiversity?
Ian Davidson, Allan Scammell, Peter O'Shannassy, Michael Mullins, Shaun Learmonth

Restoring Australia's temperate grasslands and grassy woodlands: integrating function and diversity
Suzanne M. Prober, Kevin R. Thiele

Lane Cove National Park Bushcare volunteers: Taking stock, 10 years on
Margaret Reidy, Winkie Chevalier, Tein McDonald

Conservation through buyer-diversity: A key role for not-for-profit land-holding organizations in Australia
Stuart Cowell, Chris Williams

The Murray River's 'Sea to Hume Dam' fish passage program: Progress to date and lessons learned
Jim Barrett, Martin Mallen-Cooper

Decommissioning Western Australia's First Bauxite Mine: Co-evolving vegetation restoration techniques and targets
Carl Grant, John Koch

Conserving the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly over two decades: Where to next?
Don Sands

Potential value of weedy regrowth for rainforest restoration
John Kanowski, Carla P. Catterall, Wendy Neilan

On the maturing of restoration: Linking ecological research and restoration
P. S. Lake

Local habitat restoration in streams: Constraints on the effectiveness of restoration for stream biota
N. R. Bond, P. S. Lake

Assessing the quality of native vegetation: The 'habitat hectares' approach
David Parkes, Graeme Newell, David Cheal

Restoring Kangaroo Grass (Themeda triandra) to grassland and woodland understoreys: a review of establishment requirements and restoration exercises in south-east Australia
Ian Cole, Ian D. Lunt

Mapping vegetation condition in the context of biodiversity conservation
Philip Gibbons, Andre Zerger, Simon Jones, Paul Ryan

Offsets for land clearing: No net loss or the tail wagging the dog?
Philip Gibbons, David B. Lindenmayer

Faunal response to revegetation in agricultural areas of Australia: A review
Nicola T. Munro, David B. Lindenmayer, Joern Fischer

Recovery of Tawa-dominated forest fragments in the Rotorua Basin, New Zealand, after cessation of livestock grazing
Mike B. Dodd, Ian L. Power

Woodlands on farms in southern New South Wales: A longer-term assessment of vegetation changes after fencing
Peter G. Spooner, Sue V. Briggs

Detecting unacceptable change in the ecological character of Ramsar wetlands
Jenny Davis, Margaret Brock

Some practical suggestions for improving engagement between researchers and policy-makers in natural resource management
Philip Gibbons, Charlie Zammit, Kara Youngentob, Hugh P. Possingham, David B. Lindenmayer, Sarah Bekessy, Mark Burgman, Mark Colyvan, Margaret Considine, Adam Felton, Richard J. Hobbs, Karen Hurley, Clive McAlpine, Michael A. McCarthy, Joslin Moore, Doug Robinson, David Salt, Brendan Wintle

Key elements in achieving a successful recovery programme: A discussion illustrated by the Gould's Petrel case study
David Priddel, Nicholas Carlile