Clinical & Experimental Ophthalmology

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Edited By: Robert Casson and Salmaan Al-Qureshi

Impact Factor: 3.0

ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2016: 13/59 (Ophthalmology)

Online ISSN: 1442-9071

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Anatomy and physiology of the human eye: effects of mucopolysaccharidoses disease on structure and function - a review
Colin E Willoughby, Diego Ponzin, Stefano Ferrari, Aires Lobo, Klara Landau and Yadollah Omidi
Volume 38, Issue s1

Diabetic retinopathy: global prevalence, major risk factors, screening practices and public health challenges: a review
Daniel Shu Wei Ting, Gemmy Chui Ming Cheung and Tien Yin Wong
Volume 44, Issue 4

The bionic eye: a review
Jong Min Ong and Lyndon da Cruz
Volume 40, Issue 1

Definition of glaucoma: clinical and experimental concepts
Robert J Casson, Glyn Chidlow, John PM Wood, Jonathan G Crowston and Ivan Goldberg
Volume 40, Issue 4

Central serous chorioretinopathy: a review of epidemiology and pathophysiology
Gerald Liew, Godfrey Quin, Mark Gillies and Samantha Fraser-Bell
Volume 41, Issue 2

Ellipsoid zone on optical coherence tomography: a review
Lingwei William Tao, Zhichao Wu, Robyn H Guymer and Chi D Luu
Volume 44, Issue 5

Herpes simplex virus keratitis: an update of the pathogenesis and current treatment with oral and topical antiviral agents
Michael Tsatsos, Cheryl MacGregor, Ioannis Athanasiadis, Marilita M Moschos, Parwez Hossain and David Anderson
Volume 44, Issue 9

Clinical applications of wavefront aberrometry - a review
Naoyuki Maeda
Volume 37, Issue 1

Syphilitic uveitis: a review of clinical manifestations and treatment outcomes of syphilitic uveitis in human immunodeficiency virus-positive and negative patients
Bhagya Chathri Amaratunge, Jayne E Camuglia and Anthony J Hall
Volume 38, Issue 1

Contemporary retinal imaging techniques in diabetic retinopathy: a review
Emily Dawn Cole, Eduardo Amorim Novais, Ricardo Noguera Louzada and Nadia K Waheed
Volume 44, Issue 4