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Virtual Issues

Virtual Issue: Ecological impacts of Fire - May 2014

Fire is an important ecological process in southern hemisphere ecosystems. This virtual issue of Austral Ecology highlights 12 papers first published in 2013 that explore the impacts of fire. Although fire is a common theme of these papers, the study sites range from tropical to cool temperate, and to arid desert ecosystems, and from Australia to South Africa and New Caledonia. The topics covered include the regeneration responses of plants in grasslands, forests and woodlands, behavioural responses of reptiles, and population and community responses to fire among mammals and invertebrates. They record the impact of invasive species on changing fire regimes, and the influence of fire in accelerating invasions. They discuss the role of natural fire regimes in maintaining ecotones, and the impacts of changing fire regimes on plant diversity. Fire management has become a compelling topic in southern ecosystems where protection of human property and lives has to be balanced against the natural ecological processes that sustain biodiversity. These papers contribute to the growing knowledge base that will be required to manage that balance.

Post-fire resprouting responses of native and exotic grasses from Cumberland Plain Woodland (Sydney, Australia) under elevated carbon dioxide
Tooth and Leishman

Fire-related cues and germination from the soil seed bank of senescent remnants of mallee vegetation on Eastern Kangaroo Island
Rawson et al

Forest-fire regimes affect thermoregulatory opportunities for terrestrial ectotherms
Elzer et al

Post-fire regeneration in alpine heathland: Does fire severity matter?
Camac et al

Post-fire recovery of revegetated woodland communities in south-eastern Australia
Pickup et al

Carbon, fire and seed addition favour native over exotic species in a grassy woodland
Morris and deBarse

Contracting Tasmanian montane grasslands within a forest matrix is consistent with cessation of Aboriginal fire management
Bowman et al

Sharp transitions in microclimatic conditions between savanna and forest in New Caledonia: Insights into the vulnerability of forest edges to fire
Ibanez et al

Spatial pattern and severity of fire in areas with and without buffel grass (Cenchrus ciliaris) and effects on native vegetation in central Australia
Sclesinger et al

Desert small mammal responses to wildfire and predation in the aftermath of a La Nińa driven resource pulse
Letnic et al

Detecting invertebrate responses to fire depends on sampling method and taxonomic resolution
Teasdale et al

The absence of fire can cause a lag phase: The invasion dynamics of Banksia ericifolia (Proteaceae)
Geerts et al

Southern Hemisphere Ecology: Readers Picks - August 2011

This virtual issue was produced to coincide with the 36th Ecological Society of Australia conference held in Hobart and aims to highlight some of the great ecological research focused on this region. The papers included in this virtual issue represent some of the most downloaded papers read in 2011.

A new method for non-parametric multivariate analysis of variance
Marti J. Anderson

Ecological impacts of dams, water diversions and river management on floodplain wetlands in Australia
R.T. Kingsford

A strategic plan for an Australian Long-Term Environmental Monitoring Network
Gene E. Likens, David B. Lindenmayer

Invasive plants: approaches and predictions
Marcel Rejmánek

A bioregional analysis of the distribution of rainforest cover, deforestation and degradation in Papua New Guinea
Phil Shearman, Jane Bryan

Climate change and Australia: Trends, projections and impacts
Lesley Hughes

Impacts of eggs and tadpoles of the invasive cane toad (Bufo marinus) on aquatic predators in tropical Australia
Matthew J. Greenlees, Richard Shine

Environmental weeds in Australia and New Zealand: issues and approaches to management
Jann A. Williams, Carol J. West

Mammal responses to matrix development intensity
Megan J. Brady, Clive A. Mcalpine, Craig J. Miller, Hugh P. Possingham, Greg S. Baxter

The big ecological questions inhibiting effective environmental management in Australia
S. R. Morton, O. Hoegh-Guldberg, D. B. Lindenmayer, M. Harriss Olson, L. Hughes, M. T. Mcculloch, S. Mcintyre, H. A. Nix, S. M. Prober, D. A. Saunders, A. N. Andersen, M. A. Burgman, E. C. Lefroy, W. M. Lonsdale, I. Lowe, A. J. Mcmichael, J. S. Parslow, W. Steffen, J. E. Williams, J. C. Z. Woinarski