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Variability in vitamin D assays impairs clinical assessment of vitamin D status
Lai, J. K. C.; Lucas, R. M.; Banks, E.; Ponsonby, A. -L.
Diabetes as a risk factor for dementia and mild cognitive impairment: a meta-analysis of longitudinal studies
Cheng, G.; Huang, C.; Deng, H.; Wang, H.
New onset sarcoid-like granulomatosis developing during anti-TNF therapy: an under-recognised complication
Tong, D.; Manolios, N.; Howe, G.; Spencer, D.
Blastocystis subtypes in symptomatic and asymptomatic family members and pets and response to therapy
Nagel, R.; Cuttell, L.; Stensvold, C. R.; Mills, P. C.; Bielefeldt-Ohmann, H.; Traub, R. J.
The 2010 Royal Australasian College of Physicians' policy statement Circumcision of infant males' is not evidence based
Morris, B. J.; Wodak, A. D.; Mindel, A.; Schrieber, L.; Duggan, K. A.; Dilley, A.; Willcourt, R. J.; Lowy, M.; Cooper, D. A.
Unintended consequences of performance measurement in healthcare: 20 salutary lessons from the English National Health Service
Mannion, R.; Braithwaite, J.
Clinical audit of antiphospholipid antibody testing in tertiary practice: towards improved relevance in thrombophilia investigations
Favaloro, E. J.; Reben, R.; Mohammed, S.; Koutts, J.
Time to bring down the twin towers in poor Aboriginal hospital care: addressing institutional racism and misunderstandings in communication
Durey, A.; Thompson, S. C.; Wood, M.
Comparison of the bacterial isolates and antibiotic resistance patterns of elderly nursing home and general community patients
Xie, C.; Taylor, D. McD.; Howden, B. P.; Charles, P. G. P.
Hypothesis. The importance of a histological diagnosis when diagnosing and treating advanced cancer. Famous patient recovery may not have been from metastatic disease
Haines, I. E.; Lowenthal, R. M.