Weed Biology and Management

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Weed Biology and Management Top cited papers published in 2013 and 2014 ranked by citations in 2015

Effect of weed interference on Zea mays: Growth analysis
Hossein Ghanizadeh, Shapoor Lorzadeh, Nazer Aryannia

Ecophysiological attributes of Mikania micrantha, an exotic invasive weed, at two different elevations in the tropical forest regions of the Western Ghats, South India
N. Ramesh Prabu, N. Stalin, P. Sudhakar Swamy

Chemical control of weedy rice in precise hill-direct-seeded rice in South China
Xuefeng Shen, Xuhua Gao, A. Egrinya Eneji, Yong Chen

Effects of momilactone on the protein expression in Arabidopsis germination
Hisashi Kato-Noguchi, Katsumi Ota, Hiroya Kujime, Masahiro Ogawa

Sublethal effects of environmentally relevant run-off concentrations of glyphosate in the root zone of Ludwigia peploides (creeping water primrose) and Polygonum hydropiperoides (smartweed)
Lyndsay E. Saunders, Reza Pezeshki

Fine-tuning of a mowing regime, a method for the management of the invasive plant, Ambrosia artemisiifolia, at different population densities
Ivana Milakovic, Konrad Fiedler, Gerhard Karrer

Fruit set and the diurnal pollinators of the invasive Lantana camara and the endemic Lantana peduncularis in the Galapagos Islands
Jorge Carrión-Tacuri, Regina Berjano, Giovanny Guerrero, Enrique Figueroa, Alan Tye, Jesus M. Castillo

Hygroscopic salts support the stomatal penetration of glyphosate and influence its biological efficacy
Sabin Basi, Juergen Burkhardt, Georg Noga, Mauricio Hunsche

Weed seed germination and the light environment: Implications for weed management
Diego Batlla, Roberto Luis Benech-Arnold

High level of variation among Sri Lankan weedy rice populations, as estimated by morphological characterization
Disna Ratnasekera,Udugahapattuwage I.P. Perera, Zhuoxian He, Senanayakage G.J.N. Senanayake, Gamage A.W. Wijesekara, Xiao Yang, Baorong Lu

Herbicidal activity on acetolactate synthase-resistant barnyardgrass (Echinochloa crus-galli) in Arkansas, USA
Jason K. Norsworthy, Michael J. Wilson, Robert C. Scott, Edward E. Gbur

Occurrence of sulfonylurea resistance in Sagittaria trifolia, a basal monocot species, based on target-site and non-target-site resistance
Satoshi Iwakami, Hiroaki Watanabe, Tom Miura, Hiroshi Matsumoto, Akira Uchino

Characterization of glyphosate resistance in cloned Amaranthus palmeri plants
Neal D. Teaster, Robert E. Hoagland

Improved chemical control of Conyza bonariensis in wheat limits problems in the following fallow
Steven Walker, Michael Widderick, Andrew McLean, Tony Cook, Bill Davidson

L-DOPA inhibited the root growth of lettuce by inducing reactive oxygen species generation
Muhammad Naeem Mushtaq, Yukari Sunohara, Hiroshi Matsumoto

Micro-elevations in paddy fields affect the efficacy of mechanical weeding: Evaluation of weeding machines to control Monochoria vaginalis in herbicide-free farming
Koichi Shoji, Kazuyuki Itoh, Fukiko Kawahara, Yuumi Yoshida, Yoshihisa Yamamoto, Ken-Ichi Sudo

Glyphosate-resistant Italian ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum) on rice paddy levees in Japan
Yuki Niinomi, Mutsuhiro Ikeda, Masayuki Yamashita, Yoshiki Ishida, Motoaki Asai, Yoshiko Shimono, Tohru Tominaga, Hitoshi Sawada

Effects of long-term fertilization on the weed growth and community composition in a double-rice ecosystem during the fallow period
Shan Huang, Xiaohua Pan, Yanni Sun, Yi Zhang, Xiaoning Hang, Xichu Yu, Weijian Zhang