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Mental Health and the Older Person Virtual Issue

Read the editorial introduction to this issue, by Anthony J. O'Brien, here.
Published: 24 Mar 2017

Perception of risk for older people living with a mental illness: Balancing uncertainty
Clancy, L., Happell, B., & Moxham, L. (2015)

Suicide in older people: Revisioning new approaches
Deuter, K., Procter, N., Evans, D., & Jaworski, K. (2016)

Restraint use in acute and extended mental health services for older persons
Gerace, A., Mosel, K., Oster, C., & Muir-Cochrane, E. (2013)

Impact of falls on mental health outcomes for older adult mental health patients: An Australian study
Heslop, K. R., & Wynaden, D. G. (2016)

Assessing falls risk in older adult mental health patients: A Western Australian review
Heslop, K., Wynaden, D., Bramanis, K., Connolly, C., Gee, T., Griffiths, R., et al. (2012)

Reconciling mental health recovery with screening and early intervention in dementia care
Irving, K., & Lakeman, R. (2010)

Who cares for older people with mental illness? A survey of residential aged care facilities in the Australian Capital Territory: Implications for mental health nursing
Jones, T. S., Matias, M., Powell, J., Jones, E. G., Fishburn, J., & Looi, J. C. (2007)

Beliefs about antidepressant medication and associated adherence among older Chinese patients with major depression: A cross-sectional survey
Lu, Y., Arthur, D., Hu, L., Cheng, G., An, F., & Li, Z. (2016)

Living in aged care: Using spiritual reminiscence to enhance meaning in life for those with dementia
MacKinlay, E., & Trevitt, C. (2010)

Family carers' experience of caring for an older parent with severe and persistent mental illness
McCann, T. V., Bamberg, J., & McCann, F. (2015)

Readiness for discharge from subacute mental health units for older people: Using available measures to support clinical decision-making
McMinn, B. G., Lewin, T. J., Savio, N., Matters, D., & Smith, C. (2016)

Prevalence of disruptive behaviour displayed by older people in community and residential respite care settings
Neville, C. C., & Byrne, G. J. (2007)

Delirium: The lived experience of older people who are delirious post-orthopaedic surgery
Pollard, C., Fitzgerald, M., & Ford, K. (2015)

Prevalence of co-occurring alcohol and other drug use in an Australian older adult mental health service
Searby, A., Maude, P., & McGrath, I. (2016)

Indigenous Mental Health Virtual Issue

This issue is released to coincide with Mental Health week. This issue includes several papers published over the last few years related to Indigenous mental health. These papers highlight the important role for mental health nurses in the area of Indigenous mental health. Mental health issues are the second leading cause of disease burden for Indigenous Australians. The articles identified below offer an important contribution to mental health nursing.

Mental health services for Aboriginal men: Mismatches and solutions
A.N. Isaacs, D. Mayberry & H. Gruis. (2012)
This paper offers perceptions of stakeholders and mental health personnel on improving Aboriginal men’s access to mental health services.

‘I sang amazing grace for about 3 hours that day’: Understanding Indigenous Australians experience of seclusion
R. Sambran & L. Cox (2013)
The authors used phenomenology to explore the experiences of Indigenous people placed in seclusion within mental health services.

Acute mental health service delivery to Indigenous women: what is known?
P. Bradley, S. Dunn, A. Lowell & T. Nagel (2015)
In this review of the literature, the authors seek to clarify what is known and what is not known in relation to Indigenous women in acute mental health services.

Improving forensic mental health care for Aboriginal Australians: Challenges and opportunities
Durey, D. Wynaden, L. Barr & M. Ali (2014)
This paper identifies the support needs of non-indigenous mental health professionals charged with caring for Aboriginal people within the prison system.

Consumer and Carer Participation Virtual Issue

Virtual Issue edited by Brenda Happell
Published: 23 Sep 2011

Understanding consumer participation in mental health: Issues of power and change
Wanda Bennetts, Wendy Cross, Melissa Bloomer

Consumers and carers as partners in mental health research: Reflections on the experience of two project teams in Victoria, Australia
Rosemary Callander, Lei Ning, Anna Crowley, Bianca Childs, Pam Brisbane, Tony Salter

Carer participation in mental health service delivery
Michelle Cleary, Adele Freeman, Garry Walter

'Consumer consultant': Expanding the role of consumers in modern mental health services
Michelle Cleary, Garry Walter, Phil Escott

Conflicting agendas between consumers and carers: The perspectives of carers and nurses
Val Goodwin, Brenda Happell

Consumer attitudes towards the use of routine outcome measures in a public mental health service: A consumer-driven study
David Guthrie, Mishka McIntosh, Tom Callaly, Tom Trauer, Tim Coombs

'We are all consumers of mental health services': The hidden danger of promoting 'sameness'
Brenda Happell

Attitudes of postgraduate nursing students towards consumer participation in mental health services and the role of the consumer academic
Brenda Happell, Jaya Pinikahana, Cath Roper

Research involving mental health consumers and carers: a reference group approach
John Lammers, Brenda Happell

Mental health survivors: your colleagues
Jan Lawrence

Different voices: Reviewing and revising the politics of working with consumers in mental health
Margaret McAllister, Kenneth Walsh

Beliefs about using consumer consultants in inpatient psychiatric units
Terence V. McCann, John Baird, Eileen Clark, Sai Lu

Development and evaluation of a training program in peer support for former consumers
Tom Meehan, Helen Bergen, Claire Coveney, Robert Thornton

Service user involvement in undergraduate mental health nursing in New Zealand
Carole Schneebeli, Anthony O'Brien, Debra Lampshire, Helen P. Hamer

Passive patient or engaged expert? Using a Ptolemaic approach to enhance mental health nurse education and practice
Tony Warne, Sue McAndrew