European Journal of Neuroscience

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Edited By: Jean-Marc Fritschy and Martin Sarter

Online ISSN: 1460-9568

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EJN's 3 most popular papers in February

A protocol for concurrent high-quality immunohistochemical and biochemical analyses in adult mouse central nervous system
Tina Notter, Patrizia Panzanelli, Sandra Pfister, Dennis Mircsof and Jean-Marc Fritschy

The consequences of pain in early life: injury-induced plasticity in developing pain pathways
Fred Schwaller and Maria Fitzgerald

Neurosystems: brain rhythms and cognitive processing
Jonathan Cannon, Michelle M. McCarthy, Shane Lee, Jung Lee, Christoph Börgers, Miles A. Whittington and Nancy Kopell

EJN's 10 most popular papers of 2013

Atypical cortical representation of peripheral visual space in children with an autism spectrum disorder
Hans-Peter Frey, Sophie Molholm, Edmund C. Lalor, Natalie N. Russo and John J. Foxe

Viral transduction of the neonatal brain delivers controllable genetic mosaicism for visualising and manipulating neuronal circuits in vivo
Ji-Yoen Kim, Ryan T. Ash, Carolina Ceballos-Diaz, Yona Levites, Todd E. Golde, Stelios M. Smirnakis and Joanna L. Jankowsky

Challenges of proper placebo control for non-invasive brain stimulation in clinical and experimental applications
Nick J. Davis, Edward Gold, Alvaro Pascual-Leone and R. Martyn Bracewell

Spreading of tau pathology in Alzheimer's disease by cell-to-cell transmission
Nguyen-Vi Mohamed, Thibaut Herrou, Vanessa Plouffe, Nicolas Piperno andNicole Leclerc

Autophagy failure in Alzheimer's disease and the role of defective lysosomal acidification
Devin M. Wolfe, Ju-hyun Lee, Asok Kumar, Sooyeon Lee, Samantha J. Orenstein and Ralph A. Nixon

Shedding light on mitochondrial movements in axons (Commentary on Obashi & Okabe)
Victoria Vaccaro and Josef Kittler

Napping to renew learning capacity: enhanced encoding after stimulation of sleep slow oscillations
Daria Antonenko, Susanne Diekelmann, Cathrin Olsen, Jan Born and Matthias Mölle

The brain's specialized systems for aesthetic and perceptual judgment
T. Ishizu and S. Zeki

Aging and neurogenesis in the adult forebrain: what we have learned and where we should go from here
Laura K. Hamilton, Sandra E. Joppé, Loїc M. Cochard andKarl J. L. Fernandes

Cellular and molecular mechanisms controlling the migration of neocortical interneurons
Oscar Marín