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Edited By: John Foxe and Paul Bolam

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Online ISSN: 1460-9568

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EJN's 10 most popular papers of 2015

Neuro opinion: reforming the academic system is a joint responsibility
Marian Joëls, Monica Di Luca and Barry J. Everitt

Neural and psychological mechanisms underlying compulsive drug seeking habits and drug memories – indications for novel treatments of addiction
Barry J. Everitt

Evidence for a common biological pathway linking three Parkinson's disease-causing genes: parkin, PINK1 and DJ-1
Celia van der Merwe, Zahra Jalali Sefid Dashti, Alan Christoffels, Ben Loos and Soraya Bardien

Glutamatergic and dopaminergic neurons in the mouse ventral tegmental area
Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi, Jia Qi, Hui-Ling Wang, Shiliang Zhang and Marisela Morales

Mayumi Tada, Atsuya Takeuchi, Miki Hashizume, Kazuo Kitamura and Masanobu Kano
Mayumi Tada, Atsuya Takeuchi, Miki Hashizume, Kazuo Kitamura and Masanobu Kano

Parallel pathways from motor and somatosensory cortex for controlling whisker movements in mice
Varun Sreenivasan, Kajari Karmakar, Filippo M. Rijli and Carl C. H. Petersen

Attention and prediction in human audition: a lesson from cognitive psychophysiology
Erich Schröger, Anna Marzecová and Iria SanMiguel

The classic P300 encodes a build-to-threshold decision variable
Deirdre M. Twomey, Peter R. Murphy, Simon P. Kelly and Redmond G. O'Connell

Methods for studying the zebrafish brain: past, present and future
Cameron Wyatt, Ewelina M. Bartoszek and Emre Yaksi

Segregation of two endocannabinoid-hydrolyzing enzymes into pre- and postsynaptic compartments in the rat hippocampus, cerebellum and amygdala
A. I. Gulyas, B. F. Cravatt, M. H. Bracey, T. P. Dinh, D. Piomelli, F. Boscia and T. F. Freund