European Journal of Neuroscience

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Edited By: John Foxe and Paul Bolam

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Online ISSN: 1460-9568

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EJN's 3 most popular papers in January

Mapping parahippocampal systems for recognition and recency memory in the absence of the rat hippocampus
L. Kinnavane, E. Amin, M. Horne and J. P. Aggleton

Taking up the reins
J. Foxe and Paul Bolam

The start of the European Journal of Neuroscience
Ray Guillery

EJN's 10 most popular papers of 2015

Early-life stress induces anxiety-like behaviors and activity imbalances in the medial prefrontal cortex and amygdala in adult rats
Junko Ishikawa, Ryoichi Nishimura and Akinori Ishikawa

Taking up the reins
J. Foxe and Paul Bolam

The start of the European Journal of Neuroscience
Ray Guillery

Distinct subsynaptic localization of type 1 metabotropic glutamate receptors at glutamatergic and GABAergic synapses in the rodent cerebellar cortex
Mahnaz Mansouri, Yu Kasugai, Yugo Fukazawa, Federica Bertaso, Fabrice Raynaud, Julie Perroy, Laurent Fagni, Walter A. Kaufmann, Masahiko Watanabe, Ryuichi Shigemoto and Francesco Ferraguti

α-Synuclein staging in the amygdala of a Parkinson's disease model: cell types involved
Alicia Flores-Cuadrado, Isabel Ubeda-Bañon, Daniel Saiz-Sanchez, Carlos de la Rosa-Prieto and Alino Martinez-Marcos

Parallel pathways from motor and somatosensory cortex for controlling whisker movements in mice
Varun Sreenivasan, Kajari Karmakar, Filippo M. Rijli and Carl C. H. Petersen

Caged compounds for multichromic optical interrogation of neural systems
Joseph M. Amatrudo, Jeremy P. Olson, Hitesh K. Agarwal and Graham C. R. Ellis-Davies

Spatial and temporal distribution of visual information coding in lateral prefrontal cortex
Mikiko Kadohisa, Makoto Kusunoki, Philippe Petrov, Natasha Sigala, Mark J. Buckley, David Gaffan and John Duncan

Cholinergic neurons of the basal forebrain mediate biochemical and electrophysiological mechanisms underlying sleep homeostasis
Anna V. Kalinchuk, Tarja Porkka-Heiskanen, Robert W. McCarley and Radhika Basheer

Chronic alcohol intake abolishes the relationship between dopamine synthesis capacity and learning signals in the ventral striatum
Lorenz Deserno, Anne Beck, Quentin J. M. Huys, Robert C. Lorenz, Ralph Buchert, Hans-Georg Buchholz, Michail Plotkin, Yoshitaka Kumakara, Paul Cumming, Hans-Jochen Heinze, Anthony A. Grace, Michael A. Rapp, Florian Schlagenhauf and Andreas Heinz