European Journal of Neuroscience

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Edited By: Jean-Marc Fritschy and Martin Sarter

Online ISSN: 1460-9568

Most Cited

Most cited papers in 2014 from 2012 and 2013
Data collated from Web of Knowledge 17th July 2014

From prediction error to incentive salience: mesolimbic computation of reward motivation
Berridge, KC

Re-evaluating the role of the orbitofrontal cortex in reward and reinforcement
Noonan, MP; Kolling, N; Walton, ME; Rushworth, MFS

The role of dopamine in the accumbens core in the expression of Pavlovian-conditioned responses
Saunders, BT; Robinson, TE

Cellular and molecular mechanisms controlling the migration of neocortical interneurons
O, Marín

Cortical circuit dysfunction and cognitive deficits in schizophrenia – implications for preemptive interventions
Lewis, David A.

Direct binding of GABAA receptor beta 2 and beta 3 subunits to gephyrin
Kowalczyk, Sarah; Winkelmann, Aline; Smolinsky, Birthe; Foerstera, Benjamin; Neundorf, Ines; Schwarz, Guenter; Meier, Jochen C.

Projections and interconnections of genetically defined serotonin neurons in mice
Bang, SJ; Jensen, P; Dymecki, SM; Commons, KG

Touching and feeling: differences in pleasant touch processing between glabrous and hairy skin in humans
McGlone, F; Olausson, H; Boyle, JA; Jones-Gotman, M; Dancer, C; Guest, S; Essick, G

Brain-derived neurotrophic factor-mediated effects on mitochondrial respiratory coupling and neuroprotection share the same molecular signalling pathways
Markham, Anthony; Cameron, Ian; Bains, Rasneer; Franklin, Paul; Kiss, Janos P.; Schwendimann, Leslie; Gressens, Pierre; Spedding, Michael

Enduring increases in anxiety-like behavior and rapid nucleus accumbens dopamine signaling in socially isolated rats
Yorgason, Jordan T.; Espana, Rodrigo A.; Konstantopoulos, Joanne K.; Weiner, Jeffrey L.; Jones, Sara R.