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Most cited papers in 2015 from 2013 and 2014
Data collated from Web of Knowledge on the 13th August 2015

Impact of aging brain circuits on cognition
Rachel D. Samson and Carol A. Barnes

DPP4-inhibitor improves neuronal insulin receptor function, brain mitochondrial function and cognitive function in rats with insulin resistance induced by high-fat diet consumption
Noppamas Pipatpiboon, Hiranya Pintana, Wasana Pratchayasakul, Nipon Chattipakorn and Siriporn C. Chattipakorn

Autophagy failure in Alzheimer's disease and the role of defective lysosomal acidification
Wolfe, Devin M.; Lee, Ju-Hyun; Kumar, Asok; Lee, Sooyeon; Orenstein, Samantha J.; Nixon, Ralph A.

Cellular and molecular mechanisms controlling the migration of neocortical interneurons.
O, Marín

Enduring increases in anxiety-like behavior and rapid nucleus accumbens dopamine signaling in socially isolated rats
Yorgason, Jordan T.; Espana, Rodrigo A.; Konstantopoulos, Joanne K.; Weiner, Jeffrey L.; Jones, Sara R.

Dopaminergic and GABA-ergic markers of impulsivity in rats: evidence for anatomical localisation in ventral striatum and prefrontal cortex
Jupp, Bianca; Caprioli, Daniele; Saigal, Niel; Reverte, Ingrid; Shrestha, Saurav; Cumming, Paul; Everitt, Barry J.; Robbins, Trevor W.; Dalley, Jeffrey W.

Combination treatment with anti-Nogo-A and chondroitinase ABC is more effective than single treatments at enhancing functional recovery after spinal cord injury
Zhao, Rong-Rong; Andrews, Melissa R.; Wang, Difei; Warren, Philippa; Gullo, Miriam; Schnell, Lisa; Schwab, Martin E.; Fawcett, James W.

The effect of auditory cortex deactivation on stimulus-specific adaptation in the inferior colliculus of the rat
L. A. Anderson and M. S. Malmierca

Napping to renew learning capacity: enhanced encoding after stimulation of sleep slow oscillations
Daria Antonenko, Susanne Diekelmann, Cathrin Olsen, Jan Born and Matthias Mölle

Direct binding of GABAA receptor beta 2 and beta 3 subunits to gephyrin.
Kowalczyk, Sarah; Winkelmann, Aline; Smolinsky, Birthe; Foerstera, Benjamin; Neundorf, Ines; Schwarz, Guenter; Meier, Jochen C.