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Edited By: John Foxe and Paul Bolam

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Editorial: Disorders of the Nervous System

January 2013

As the official journal of FENS, EJN strives to represent the breadth of today’s neuroscience research. EJN publishes a broad range of articles on experimental, theoretical, and clinical studies, with the aim to further our understanding of the structure and function of the nervous system and its alterations in disease states.

As exemplified by this virtual issue, research on disorders in the nervous system has been growing rapidly, due in part to the development of new research methods for manipulating and monitoring brain function in patients and of better analytical tools for studying disease mechanisms in vitro as well as in vivo. In the past, these articles have been published in one of the journal’s five sections (molecular and developmental neuroscience, synaptic mechanisms, neurosystems, behavioral neuroscience, and cognitive neuroscience). Because of the growing number of articles originating in clinical settings and focusing on disease processes, EJN is introducing a separate new section (Disorders of the Nervous System) to group articles from this field and enhance their visibility to readers and authors.

This virtual issue of EJN on “Disorders of the Nervous System”, freely available for download from the journal’s website*, is a compilation of articles describing clinical and translational neuroscience research published in 2012 (EJN volumes 35-36). This virtual issue highlights the superb quality and range of research on disease processes published by EJN. This issue also confirms the journals commitment to cover experimental, clinical, and theoretical research on disorders of the nervous system.

Jean-Marc Fritschy & Martin Sarter

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*Articles in this Virtual Issue will be made freely available until 30 April 2013