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Navigating the multiple meanings of beta diversity: a roadmap for the practicing ecologist
Anderson, Marti J.; Crist, Thomas O.; Chase, Jonathan M.; et al.
Volume: 14 Issue: 1 Pages: 19-28 Published: Jan 2011

Ecological impacts of invasive alien plants: a meta-analysis of their effects on species, communities and ecosystems
Vila, Montserrat; Espinar, Jose L.; Hejda, Martin; et al.
Volume: 14 Issue: 7 Pages: 702-708 Published: JUL 2011

Impacts of climate change on the future of biodiversity
Bellard, Celine; Bertelsmeier, Cleo; Leadley, Paul; et al.
Volume: 15 Issue: 4 Pages: 365-377 Published: Apr 2012

Do invasive species show higher phenotypic plasticity than native species and, if so, is it adaptive? A meta-analysis
Davidson, Amy Michelle; Jennions, Michael; Nicotra, Adrienne B.
Volume: 14 Issue: 4 Pages: 419-431 Published: APR 2011

Climate change threatens European conservation areas
Araujo, Miguel B.; Alagador, Diogo; Cabeza, Mar; et al.
Volume: 14 Issue: 5 Pages: 484-492 Published: May 2011

Increases in the flux of carbon belowground stimulate nitrogen uptake and sustain the long-term enhancement of forest productivity under elevated CO2
Drake, John E.; Gallet-Budynek, Anne; Hofmockel, Kirsten S.; et al.
Volume: 14 Issue: 4 Pages: 349-357 Published: Apr 2011

Functional landscape heterogeneity and animal biodiversity in agricultural landscapes
Fahrig, Lenore; Baudry, Jacques; Brotons, Lluis; et al.
Volume: 14 Issue: 2 Pages: 101-112 Published: Feb 2011

Impacts of shrub encroachment on ecosystem structure and functioning: towards a global synthesis
Eldridge, David J.; Bowker, Matthew A.; Maestre, Fernando T.; et al.
Volume: 14 Issue: 7 Pages: 709-722 Published: JUL 2011

Ecology, sexual selection and speciation
Maan, Martine E.; Seehausen, Ole
Volume: 14 Issue: 6 Pages: 591-602 Published: Jun 2011

Do species' traits predict recent shifts at expanding range edges?
Angert, Amy L.; Crozier, Lisa G.; Rissler, Leslie J.; et al.
Volume: 14 Issue: 7 Pages: 677-689 Published: JUL 2011