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Edited By: Kenneth N. Timmis, Michael Wagner, Mike Jetten, Victoria Orphan, Martin Polz, Paola Bonfante, Jack A. Gilbert, Rachel Whitaker, and Juan L. Ramos

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Online ISSN: 1462-2920

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    Volume 16, Issue 10

    Special Issue: Nitrogen Cycle Ecology

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Environmental Microbiology Annual Lectures

Environmental Microbiology

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"Programming soil bacteria to do amazing things"

Victor de Lorenzo Environmental Microbiology Annual Lecture

Guest speaker Professor Victor de Lorenzo presented the 6th Environmental Microbiology Lecture on 28 October 2013 in London.

Watch the Lecture free online today!

For more information, visit the Society for Applied Microbiology website, at www.sfam.org.uk

emi annual lecture

Systems metabolic engineering for a green chemical industry with guest speaker Professor Sang Yup Lee.

Willem M. de VosMicrobes Inside
with guest speaker Willem M. de Vos

Prof Willy VerstraeteMicrobial Resource Management (MRM): the road to go for environmental biotechnology
with guest speaker Willy Verstraete

Prof Edward DeLongDeciphering microbial community dynamics, from genomes to biomes
with guest speaker Prof. Edward F. DeLong

Dr Rita ColwellClimate, Oceans, Global Warming and Cholera
with guest speaker Dr. Rita R. Colwell

Faculty of 1000 Paper Rating

The Research Article 'A novel mode of lactate metabolism in strictly anaerobic bacteria' by Marie Charlotte Weghoff, Johannes Bertsch and Volker Müller
has been awarded a F1000 rating. Read the article and the evaluation.

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Environmental Microbiology

We are pleased to announce that three EMI/EMIR Editorial Board Members, Antje Boetius, Carmen Buchrieser and Colin Murrell, and also Editor Mike Jetten, were recently elected Members of the European Molecular Biology Organisation (EMBO) in the the 2014 election.

Congratulations on this well deserved recognition of scientific excellence by the premier European Research organisation!

Special Issues Environmental Microbiology
Special and Thematic Issues out now!

Environmental Microbiology is pleased to announce there are currently a number of special and thematic issues published online:

Special Issue: Environmental Lifestyles and Transmission of Pathogens

Special Issue: Metabolism & Biodegradation

Special Issue: Cell Division

Thematic Issue: Invertebrate–Microbe Interactions

Special Issue: Drivers of Shifts in Microbial Community Composition

Thematic Issue: Invertebrate-Microbe Interactions

Environmental Microbiology
Borrelia in ticks transmitted and amplified by songbirds

Vertical mother-neonate transfer of maternal gut bacteria via breast-feeding

Esophagitis, Barrett's Esophagus and proton blockers alter gastric microbiota

Gut inflammation modulates the proteome of intestinal E. coli

Environmental Microbiology

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Environmental Microbiology

The ecology of viruses that infect eukaryotic algae
Steven M. Short

The response of marine picoplankton to ocean acidification
Lindsay K. Newbold, Anna E. Oliver, Tim Booth, Bela Tiwari, Todd DeSantis, Michael Maguire, Gary Andersen, Christopher J. van der Gast and Andrew S. Whiteley

Comparative metatranscriptomics reveals widespread community responses during phenanthrene degradation in soil
Alexandre de Menezes, Nicholas Clipson and Evelyn Doyle

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