Environmental Microbiology

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Chief Editor's Choice Articles Volume 13

Bacterial sulfur cycling shapes microbial communities in surface sediments of an ultramafic hydrothermal vent field
Regina Schauer, Hans Røy, Nico Augustin, Hans-Hermann Gennerich, Marc Peters, Frank Wenzhoefer, Rudolf Amann and Anke Meyerdierks

Arabinoxylans and inulin differentially modulate the mucosal and luminal gut microbiota and mucin-degradation in humanized rats
Pieter Van den Abbeele, Philippe Gérard, Sylvie Rabot, Aurélia Bruneau, Sahar El Aidy, Muriel Derrien, Michiel Kleerebezem, Erwin G. Zoetendal, Hauke Smidt, Willy Verstraete, Tom Van de Wiele and Sam Possemiers

Engineering multiple genomic deletions in Gram-negative bacteria: analysis of the multi-resistant antibiotic profile of Pseudomonas putida KT2440
Esteban Martínez-García and Víctor de Lorenzo

Development of bioreporter assays for the detection of bioavailability of long-chain alkanes based on the marine bacterium Alcanivorax borkumensis strain SK2
Rekha Kumari, Robin Tecon, Siham Beggah, Rebecca Rutler, J. Samuel Arey and Jan Roelof van der Meer

The logicome of environmental bacteria: merging catabolic and regulatory events with Boolean formalisms
Rafael Silva-Rocha, Javier Tamames, Vitor Martins dos Santos and Víctor de Lorenzo

iDynoMiCS: next-generation individual-based modelling of biofilms
Laurent A. Lardon, Brian V. Merkey, Sónia Martins, Andreas Dötsch, Cristian Picioreanu, Jan-Ulrich Kreft and Barth F. Smets

Growth dependence of conjugation explains limited plasmid invasion in biofilms: an individual-based modelling study
Brian V. Merkey, Laurent A. Lardon, Jose M. Seoane, Jan-Ulrich Kreft and Barth F. Smets

Genetic structure of marine Borrelia garinii and population admixture with the terrestrial cycle of Lyme borreliosis
Elena Gómez-Díaz, Thierry Boulinier, Natacha Sertour, Muriel Cornet, Elisabeth Ferquel and Karen D. McCoy

Microbial ecology and adaptation in cystic fibrosis airways
Lei Yang, Lars Jelsbak and Søren Molin

Microevolution of the major common Pseudomonas aeruginosa clones C and PA14 in cystic fibrosis lungs
Nina Cramer, Jens Klockgether, Kristie Wrasman, Mario Schmidt, Colin F. Davenport and Burkhard Tümmler

Predicting microbial nitrogen pathways from basic principles
Ingrid A. van de Leemput, Annelies J. Veraart, Vasilis Dakos, Jeroen J. M. de Klein, Marc Strous and Marten Scheffer

Genomic variations define divergence of water/wildlife-associated Campylobacter jejuni niche specialists from common clonal complexes
Philip J. Hepworth, Kevin E. Ashelford, Jason Hinds, Katherine A. Gould, Adam A. Witney, Nicola J. Williams, Howard Leatherbarrow, Nigel P. French, Richard J. Birtles, Chriselle Mendonca, Nick Dorrell, Brendan W. Wren, Paul Wigley, Neil Hall and Craig Winstanley

Enterohaemorrhagic Escherichia coli haemolysin is cleaved and inactivated by serine protease EspPα
Jens Brockmeyer, Thomas Aldick, Jens Soltwisch, Wenlan Zhang, Philip I. Tarr, André Weiss, Klaus Dreisewerd, Johannes Müthing, Martina Bielaszewska and Helge Karch

Cell–cell and cell–surface interactions mediated by cellulose and a novel exopolysaccharide contribute to Pseudomonas putida biofilm formation and fitness under water-limiting conditions
Lindsey Nielsen, Xiaohong Li and Larry J. Halverson