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Prizes awarded by Cellular Microbiology
Cellular Microbiology is keen to support the microbiology research community and regularly awards poster prizes at selected conferences. Winners receive a year's free online subscription to Cellular Microbiology or a prize cheque.

3-5 May 2010, EMBL Heidelberg, Germany

Winning posters/talks:

Unusual nuclear dynamics and their possible association with gene expression in the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum
Ron Dzikowski (for Noa Dahan & Alon Weiner) , Hebrew University, Israel
Reconstructing in vivo migration of malaria parasites
Janina Hellman, University of Heidelberg, School of Medicine, Germany
Distinct vital functions of the two Plasmodium actin capping protein (CP) subunits
Marcus Ganter, MPI for Infection Biology, Berlin, Germany
The influence of PfCRT haplotype on parasite fitness
Ines Petersen, University of Heidelberg, Germany

Host-Parasite Interactions, Biology Of
June 27-July 2, 2010, Salve Regina University, Newport, RI, USA


A non-canonical mitochondrial protein import system in Trypanosoma brucei
Mascha Pusnik, University of Bern, Switzerland
A novel lysine methyltransferase is a critical regulator of motility in Toxoplasma gondii
Aoife Heaslip, Indiana University, USA

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Forthcoming Conference
EMBO-FEBS Lecture Course: Host-Microbes Interactions
1-9 September 2010, Island of Spetes, Greece

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Faculty of 1000
Faculty of 1000 Biology is an award-winning online service that highlights and evaluates the most interesting papers published in the biological sciences, based on the recommendations of over 2000 of the world's top researchers.

The following recently published articles in Cellular Microbiology have been evaluated and rated by Faculty of 1000:

Galectin-3, a marker for vacuole lysis by invasive pathogens
Irit Paz, Martin Sachse, Nicolas Dupont, Joelle Mounier, Cecilia Cederfur, Jost Enninga, Hakon Leffler, Francoise Poirier, Marie-Christine Prevost, Frank Lafont, Philippe Sansonetti

Tracking the dynamic interplay between bacterial and host factors during pathogen-induced vacuole rupture in real time
Katrina Ray, Alexandre Bobard, Anne Danckaert, Irit Paz-Haftel, Caroline Clair, Soudeh Ehsani, Christoph Tang, Philippe Sansonetti, Guy Tran Van Nhieu, Jost Enninga

Bacterial-type oxygen detoxification and iron-sulfur cluster assembly in amoebal relict mitochondria
Barbora Maralikova, Vahab Ali, Kumiko Nakada-Tsukui, Tomoyoshi Nozaki, Mark van der Giezen, Katrin Henze, Jorge Tovar

Differences in human macrophage receptor usage, lysosomal fusion kinetics and survival between logarithmic and metacyclic Leishmania infantum chagasi promastigotes
Norikiyo Ueno, Carol L. Bratt, Nilda E. Rodriguez, Mary E. Wilson

Molecular dissection of Salmonella-induced membrane ruffling versus invasion
Jan Hänisch, Julia Ehinger, Markus Ladwein, Manfred Rohde, Emmanuel Derivery, Tanja Bosse, Anika Steffen, Dirk Bumann, Benjamin Misselwitz, Wolf-Dietrich Hardt, Alexis Gautreau, Theresia E. B. Stradal, Klemens Rottner

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