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Edited By: Ute Stephan

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Associated Title(s): Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being

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Top Ten Cited Papers in 2015

Smartphone Use, Work-Home Interference, and Burnout: A Diary Study on The Role Of Recovery
Volume 63, Issue 3
Daantje Derks and Arnold B. Bakker

Abusive Supervision and Employee Well-Being: The Moderating Effect of Power Distance Orientation
Volume 62, Issue 2
Weipeng Lin, Lei Wang, Shuting Chen

Ethical Leadership and Follower Helping and Courtesy: Moral Awareness and Empathic Concern as Moderators
Volume 62, Issue 2
Karianne Kalshoven, Deanne N. Deng Hartog, Annebel H.B.De Hoogh

Construct Clean-Up in Proactivity Research: A Meta-Analysis On The Nomological Net Of Work-Related Proactivity Concepts And Their Incremental Validities
Volume 62, Issue 1
Katharina Tornau and Michael Frese

Antecedents of Business Opportunity Identification and Innovation: Investigating the Interplay of Information Processing and Information Acquisition
Volume 63, Issue 2
Michael M.Gielnik, Anne-Christin Kramer, Britta Kappel, and Michael Frese

Openness to Experience as a Predictor of Job Performance Trajectories
Volume 61, Issue 1
Amirali Minbashian, Joanne Earl and Jim E.H. Bright

Challenge/Skill Balance, Flow, and Performance Anxiety
Volume 62, Issue 2
Clive J. Fullagar, Patrick A. Knight, and Heather S. Sovern

Life Satisfaction and Job-Seeking Behavior of The Unemployed: the Effect Of Individual Differences In Justice Sensitivity
Volume 63, Issue 4
Olga Stavrova, Thomas Schlosser and Anna Baumert

Materialism and the Bright and Dark Sides of the Financial Dream In Spain: the Positive Role Of Money Attitudes - The Matthew Effect
Volume 63, Issue 3
Thomas Li-Ping Tang, Robertoo Luna-Arocas, Ismael Quintanilla Pardo, and Theresa Li-Na Tang

What Motivates You Doesn't Motivate Me": Individual Differences in the Needs Satisfaction- Motivation Relationship of Romanian Volunteers
Volume 63, Issue 2
Simona Haivas, Joeri Hofmans, Roland Pepermans