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Edited By: Professor Robin Room

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    Volume 33, Issue 4

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Editors' Choice

Protective effects of alcohol on cardiovascular disease: are findings biased by industry funding?
McCambridge and Hartwell conducted a systematic review of studies examining the protective effects of alcohol on six cardiovascular diseases. They found that alcohol industry funded studies produced more favourable results for stroke, but not for other cardiovascular outcomes.

Managing methamphetamine dependence: interventions and beyond

Free Online

An estimated 34 million people worldwide use methamphetamine or amphetamines (also known as crystal meth, ice, yaba and speed). These drugs have presented a significant challenge for treatment providers with characteristically low levels of treatment coverage, a limited evidence base for specialised treatments and mental health concerns among help seekers.

In this virtual issue Brensilver and colleagues update the evidence on methamphetamine pharmacotherapy, concluding that “After over 20 years of efforts worldwide to develop a broadly effective medication for dependence on methamphetamine- or amphetamine-type stimulants, no candidate has emerged”. Shearer’s paper explains the principles behind methamphetamine pharmacotherapy and why further research is needed. Brensilver also highlights the potential pharmacological interactions between tobacco smoking and methamphetamine use.

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Alcohol and drug use patterns in the event

July Issue

New research methods and technologies have revolutionised the way that we can look at what happens in specific episodes of alcohol or other drug use. This Special Issue showcases some of these developments across a range of settings and different types of drugs.

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