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Online ISSN: 1466-9218


Aims and Scope

The Journal publishes outstanding original scientific contributions in the field of Medical Genomics with an emphasis on the exploitation of genomic information to improve health and the quality of life. Developments in genomics within the wider scope of medicine are encouraged, with a willingness to present methodological breakthroughs which may or may not be related to specific diseases.

The scope of GeneScreen includes:

  • Human genomics.
  • Genetic epidemiology.
  • Genetic statistics, focused on complex traits.
  • Medical genetics of common diseases.
  • Genomic anthropology related to ethnicity and health.
  • Genome/environment interactions in pathogenesis.
  • Pharmacogenetics.
  • Genetic diagnosis.
  • Genetic risk-modification in preventative medicine.
  • Technology and Methodology advances.
  • Major ethical, social and regulatory issues.