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Edited By: Emma Williams, Sara Stanner and Judith Buttriss

Online ISSN: 1467-3010

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Dietary Fibre and Health

Published: 01 Jun 2009

Edited By: Sara Stanner, Claire Williamson and Judith Buttriss

Introduction: Dietary fibre is currently a hot topic in nutrition. Fibre is a complex entity, consisting of many non-digestible components of food which may have different effects on health. Whilst some health benefits of a high fibre diet are well established, new roles are also emerging for some of the components of dietary fibre. There has also been ongoing debate surrounding its definition and measurement. The first Virtual Issue of Nutrition Bulletin on dietary fibre and health is therefore a timely publication and brings together a number of reviews in this area, together with an editorial on the evolving definition for dietary fibre.

Dietary fibre: an evolving definition?
Victoria Betteridge

Review: Dietary fibre and health: an overview
Judy Buttriss, Caroline Stokes

Carbohydrates and dietary fibre
Joanne Lunn, JL Buttriss

Review: Dietary fibre and the gut microbiota
Karen Scott, Sylvia Duncan, Harry Flint

Dietary fibre and satiety
Joanne Slavin, Hilary Green

Health properties of resistant starch
Anne Nugent