Nutrition Bulletin

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Edited By: Lucy Chambers, Sara Stanner and Judith Buttriss

Online ISSN: 1467-3010

Virtual Issue: Hydration and Health

VIRTUAL ISSUE:  Hydration and Health

Emma Williams, Sara Stanner, Judith Buttriss

The important role of hydration in the maintenance of health is well recognized. Water sustains vital chemical reactions and is essential for cells, tissues and organs to function correctly. Hydration needs vary depending on age, body size, physical activity level, health status, food intake patterns and environmental conditions. Dietary water can be obtained from a wide range of drinks (as well as foods, which provide 20-30% of total intake) with different health benefits. This virtual issue brings together a number of recently published papers in Nutrition Bulletin about various aspects of this topic. These describe the fluid needs of different groups, review current recommendations and guidelines for healthy hydration, discuss the impact of the consumption of different drinks on nutrient intakes and health and consider the role of specific drinks in improving exercise performance and supporting rehydration.

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Editorial - Hydration and health H. Gibson-Moore

Hydration and health: a review B. Benelam & L. Wyness

How much water do we really need? J. Lunn & R. Foxen

Hydration, water intake and beverage consumption habits among adults S. Gibson, P. Gunne & R. Maughan

The importance of human hydration: perceptions among healthcare professionals across Europe J.E. Holdsworth

Improving hydration in children - a sensible guide H. Gibson-Moore

Hydration in sport and exercise: water, sports drinks and other drinks S.M. Shirreffs

Potential role for protein in assisting post-exercise rehydration S. Leser

Milk ingestion in athletes and physically active individuals L. James

The role of fruit juice in the diet: an overview H. Caswell

Black tea and health C.H.S. Ruxton

The impact of caffeine on mood, cognitive function, performance and hydration: a review of benefits and risks C.H.S. Ruxton