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Edited By: Donald A. R. George, Leslie T. Oxley, Iris Claus and Roberto Veneziani

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25th Anniversary Virtual Issue

The Top 25 Papers in 25 Years: The Editors’ Cut

The year 2011 represents the ‘Silver Jubilee’ - 25th year of publication - for the Journal of Economic Surveys (JoES). As part of the celebrations to mark this milestone, the Editors decided to create an additional, virtual, free to view*, Anniversary Issue which provides access to what we consider to be “The Top 25 Papers in 25 Years” that we have published in JoES.

The Top 25 were chosen for a range of reasons. As Founding Editors, one of us has been responsible for guiding each of these papers through the refereeing process. We can remember the history behind each paper. Some of the papers have been included because they have been heavily cited or regularly and heavily downloaded; some have generated debate or comments; some have been widely referenced on student reading lists. Others have been influential in policy making circles and have informed processes like the auctioning of the airwaves and recent debate on the financial crisis. Yet others were included because over the past 25 years, we believe the papers have or will make significant contributions to economics.

The papers chosen cover a wide range of topics and much of the 25 year life of the Journal. Adrian Pagan’s Three econometric methodologies was in our inaugural issue and its inclusion ticks many of the boxes mentioned above. The most recent papers are from 2007 and cover areas as diverse as profitability and technical analysis (the paper by Park and Irwin cited widely including in The Times); axiomatization and formalism in economics; and variations on the theme of conning in mathematical economics (the latter showing our willingness to publish papers in non-mainstream areas of economics). Stanley and Jarrell’s meta-regression analysis: a quantitative method of literature reviews has been included to represent the growing number of papers appearing in this area which typically cite this path-breaking JoES paper.

We hope you enjoy reading the Top 25 Papers in 25 Years below and we, as Editors, look forward to reading, refereeing and evaluating new papers submitted to JoES. Happy reading!

Joint Founding Editors, Donald A.R. George; Les Oxley; Colin J. Roberts and Stuart Sayer.

Simply click on the article titles below:

Three econometric methodologies: A critical appraisal
Pagan, A (Volume 1, 1987)

Chaotic dynamics in economic time-series
Frank, M., and Stengos, T. (Volume 2, 1988)

Bubbles and fads in asset prices
Camerer, C (Volume 3, 1989)

Cointegration and unit roots
Dolado, J., Sosvilla-Rivero, S., and Jenkinson, T (Volume 4, 1990)

Hyperinflations: Their origins, development and termination
Siklos, P. (Volume 4, 1990)

On error correction models: Specification, interpretation, estimation
Alogoskoufis, G., and Smith, R. (Volume 5, 1991)

The resurgence of inventory research: What have we learned?
Blinder, A., and Maccini, L. (Volume 5, 1991)

Theories of choice under ignorance and uncertainty
Kelsey, D., and Quiggin, J. (Volume 6, 1992)

ARCH Models: Properties, estimation and testing
Bera, A., and Higgins, M. (Volume 7, 1993)

Envy-freeness and distributive justice
Arnsperger, C. (Volume 8, 1994)

Sherlock Holmes and the search for truth: A diagnostic tale
McAleer, M. (Volume 8, 1994)

Exchange rate pass-through
Menon, J. (Volume 9, 1995)

Multinational Corporations and spill-overs
Blomstrom, M. and Kokko A. (Volume 12, 1998)

A Primer on Unit Root Testing
Phillips, P. and Xiao, Z. (Volume 12, 1998)

Auction theory: A guide to the literature
Klemperer, P. (Volume 13, 1999)

What do we know about investment under uncertainty?
Carruth, A., Dickerson, A., and Henley, A. (Volume 14, 2000)

Inflation and growth: Stories short and tall
Temple, J. (Volume 14, 2000)

Central Bank Independence: An update of theory and evidence
Berger, H., de Haan, J., and Eijffinger, S. (Volume 15, 2001)

Motivation Crowding Theory
Jegen, R., and Frey, B. (Volume 15, 2001)

What have we learnt from the convergence debate?
Islam, N. (Volume 17, 2003)

A primer on financial contagion
Pericoli, M., and Sbracia, M. (Volume 17, 2003)

Meta-Regression analysis: A quantitative method of literature reviews
Stanley, T., and Jarrell, S. (Volume 19, 2005)

Axiomatization and formalism in economics
Boylan, T., and O’Gorman, P. (Volume 21, 2007)

What do we know about the profitability of technical analysis?
Park, C-H. and Irwin, S. (Volume 21, 2007)

Variations on the theme of conning in mathematical economics
Velupillai, V. (Volume 21, 2007)

*The articles featured in this 25th Anniversary Virtual Issue are freely available online until 31st December 2011.