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    Volume 55, Issue 2

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Special Issues of JMS

Challenges and Opportunities in the Sharing Economy
Papers to be submitted by January 15, 2018

Strategy, Innovation, and New Ventures in the New Normal Global Business Landscape
Papers to be submitted by January31, 2018

JMS 2018 Conference Call for Papers
Diversity Perspective on Management: Towards more complex conceptualizations of diversity in management studies
Papers to be submitted by March 16, 2018

Leading Entrepreneurial Ventures: Individual and Team-Based Perspectives
Papers to be submitted by June 1, 2018

Corporate Entrepreneurship and Family Business: Learning Across Disciplines
Papers to be submitted by June 15, 2018

Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Publication of Karl E. Weick’s The Social Psychology of Organizing
Papers to be submitted by August 31, 2018

Corporate Strategy and the Theory of the Firm in the Digital Age
Papers to be submitted by January 31, 2019

JMS Says

JMS Says
We have now launched our new JMS Says section! Read the introduction here.

Recent essays (available FREE):

The Rise of Alternative Currencies in Post-Capitalism by Boyd Cohen

The Death and Rebirth (?) of International Business Research by Andrew Delios

The Essay as an Endangered Species: Should We Care? by Yiannis Gabriel

Why the Assholes are Winning: Money Trumps All by Jeffrey Pfeffer

Looking Away? Civilized Indifference and the Carnal Relationships of the Contemporary Workplace by David Courpasson

‘We're Sorry to Hear You've Been Unwell…’ Personal Reflections on Health and Well-being in the Workplace by Andrea Prothero

Biggart's Lament, or Getting Out of the Theory Cave by Nicole Woolsey Biggart

JMS Best Paper Award

JMS Best Paper Award

2016 Best Paper (Awarded in 2017)
The Political Dynamics of Sustainable Coffee: Contested Value Regimes and the Transformation of Sustainability
David Levy, Juliane Reinecke and Stephan Manning

2015 Best Paper (Awarded in 2016)
Going Off Script: How Managers Make Sense of the Ending of Their Careers
Heather Vough, Christine Bataille, Sung Chul Noh, and Mary Dean Lee

2014 Best Paper (Awarded in 2015)
Playing on Two Chessboards: Reputation Effects between Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Corporate Political Activity (CPA)
Frank den Hond, Kathleen A. Rehbein, Frank G. A. de Bakker, and Hilde Kooijmans-van Lankveld

2013 Best Paper (Awarded in 2014)
How Useful Are The Strategic Tools We Teach In Business Schools?
Robert P. Wright, Sotirios E. Paroutis, and Daniela P. Blettner

2012 Best Paper (Awarded in 2013)
Solving the Entrepreneurial Puzzle: The Role of Entrepreneurial Interpretation in Opportunity Formation and Related Processes
Ilídio Barreto

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Latest News from JMS

News from JMS

Recruitment Call: New Editors for JMS
The Journal of Management Studies is seeking a General Editor and an Associate Editor to join its editorial team. To view the full advertisement please click here.
Closing date: Monday, 30th April 2018 (16.00 BST)

2018 Journal of Management Studies conference

Journal of Management Studies (JMS) & Society for Advancement of Management Studies are sponsoring an International Conference, entitled ‘Diversity Perspective on Management: Towards more complex conceptualizations of diversity in management studies’, at Babson College, USA on the 18th-20th April, 2018.
JMS have released a Call for Papers for the conference and in conjunction with this a Call for ‘Expressions of Interest’ to take part in the Professional Development Workshop. To see more details about the submission processes, the keynote speakers etc. please click on the links below:

JMS Conference 2018 Call for Papers
JMS Professional Development Workshop

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JMS Says
We are excited to launch the new JMS Says section! The first essays are now available to read online. Please contribute to the discussion of the essay topics by leaving a comment on the JMS Website (no registration needed):

JMS Best Paper 2016
We are excited to announce that the 2016 award for Best Paper has been awarded to “The Political Dynamics of Sustainable Coffee: Contested Value Regimes and the Transformation of Sustainability” by David Levy (University of Massachusetts Boston, USA), Juliane Reinecke (University of Warwick, UK) and Stephan Manning (University of Massachusetts Boston, USA)
Read the paper here: (free access for a limited time).

JMS Best Reviewer 2016
We are delighted to announce that the 2016 award for Best Reviewer has been awarded to Ryan Krause (Texas Christian University, USA) in recognition of exceptional contribution to the development of papers at JMS during 2016.

Karen Legge Prize 2016
We are very pleased to announce that the 2016 Karen Legge Prize has been awarded to Hannes Leroy (Erasmus University, The Netherlands) for outstanding contribution by an early career researcher to JMS and the management studies community.

JMS in FT50

JMS is included in the FT50; the list of 50 journals used by the Financial Times in compiling the Business School research rank, including both the Global MBA and EMBA rankings.

SAMS Invites Funding Applications

The Society for the Advancement of Management Studies (SAMS) is currently inviting applications for funding to support events or activities that benefit the management studies community.
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JMS Classic Articles

JMS Classic Articles

In the JMS Classic Article Series, we invite a new generation of scholars to reflect on some of the groundbreaking articles published in JMS over our 50 year history.

The latest set of Classic Articles re-evaluate Hugh Willmott's ground-breaking 1993 paper ‘Strength is ignorance; slavery is freedom: managing culture in modern organizations’.

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Point Counterpoint Debates

Point-Counterpoint Articles

Theoretical Progress in Management Studies and the Role of Qualitative Research
A dilemma facing qualitative researchers is how to publish their work in leading journals, which demand very high levels of methodological rigour, without losing what is distinctively valuable about qualitative methods. In his contribution to this Point-Counterpoint, Joep Cornelissen questions the increasingly popular approach for qualitative researchers to produce papers which seek to mimic the style of quantitative papers. For Cornelissen, the danger of this trend in methods is that it undermines the ability of qualitative work to provide the kind of rich, detailed explanatory theorising which is its hallmark. In his Counterpoint piece, Patrick Wright argues that quantification of qualitative data might actually help scholars in addressing their reliability and validity challenges, increasing the probability of publishing in leading management journals. He concludes by arguing that the biggest obstacle to theoretical progress is a lack of meaningful dialogue between scholars working in different methodological traditions and he proposes ways of increasing such dialogue. The papers are available FREE in Volume 54, Issue 3
Theoretical Progress in Management Studies and the Role of Qualitative Research (pages 366–367)
Bill Harley and Dries Faems
Preserving Theoretical Divergence in Management Research: Why the Explanatory Potential of Qualitative Research Should Be Harnessed Rather than Suppressed (pages 368–383)
Joep P. Cornelissen
Making Great Theories (pages 384–390)
Patrick M. Wright

Social Entrepreneurship as a Norm?

Is the act of entrepreneurship itself a social good? This simple and seemingly easy question goes to the heart of the debate of this issue's Point-Counterpoint articles but the answer appears not to be so straightforward. In their entry in this two article series, Zahra and Wright argue that scholars need to re-examine and redefine the social role of entrepreneurship around five pillars that argue for a balance of the financial, social, and environmental outcomes of all entrepreneurial activity. In conjunction, McMullen and Warnick argue that the criticism of ‘typical and classic’ entrepreneurship may have gone too far. The papers are available FREE in Volume 53, Issue 4.
Social Entrepreneurship as a Norm? (pages 608–609)
The Editors
Understanding the Social Role of Entrepreneurship (pages 610–629)
Shaker A. Zahra and Mike Wright
Should We Require Every New Venture to Be a Hybrid Organization? (pages 630–662)
Jeffery S. McMullen and Benjamin J. Warnick

The Scope and Scale of MNE Strategies: In Commemoration of Alan Rugman's Contribution to International Business Research
To acknowledge Alan Rugman’s scholarly contribution to international business (IB) research, we have invited two teams of leading IB scholars to engage in a Point – Counterpoint (PCP) discussion, providing a constructive dialogue associated with Rugman’s work and its implications for the IB and management research fields.
The Scope and Scale of MNE Strategies: In Commemoration of Alan Rugman's Contribution to International Business
Igor Filatotchev and Dries Faems
Global, Local, or Regional? The Locus of MNE Strategies
Alain Verbeke and Christian Geisler Asmussen
A Global Value Chain Analysis of the ‘Regional Strategy’ Perspective
Ram Mudambi and Jonas Puck

The Driver of New Theory Development in Management Studies: Imagination or Rigour?
This set of papers address the perceived lack of innovative theory development in management studies, and explore how to foster creative new research in the field. The papers are available FREE in Volume 50, Issue 1.
Has Management Studies Lost Its Way? Ideas for More Imaginative and Innovative Research
Mats Alvesson and Jörgen Sandberg
For Rigour in Organizational Management Theory Research
Lex Donaldson, Jane Qiu and Ben Nanfeng Luo