Journal of Personality

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Edited By: Howard Tennen

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Attachment, Self-Compassion, Empathy, and Subjective Well-Being Among College Students and Community Adults
Meifen Wei, Kelly Yu-Hsin Liao, Tsun-Yao Ku, Phillip A. Shaffer

Conflicting Pressures on Romantic Relationship Commitment for Anxiously Attached Individuals
Samantha Joel, Geoff MacDonald, Atsushi Shimotomai

Multilevel Modeling: Current and Future Applications in Personality Research
Stephen G. West, Ehri Ryu, Oi-Man Kwok, Heining Cham

Unprovoked Aggression: Effects of Psychopathic Traits and Sadism
Dennis E. Reidy, Amos Zeichner, L. Alana Seibert

Social Anxiety as a Basis for Friendship Selection and Socialization in Adolescents' Social Networks
Nejra Van Zalk, Maarten Van Zalk, Margaret Kerr, Hakan Stattin

Repression Versus Sensitization in Response to Media Violence as Predictors of Cognitive Avoidance and Vigilance
Barbara Krahe, Ingrid Moller, Anja Berger, Juliane Felber

Emotion Regulation and the Quality of Social Interaction: Does the Ability to Evaluate Emotional Situations and Identify Effective Responses Matter?
Paulo N. Lopes, John B. Nezlek, Natalio Extremera, Janine Hertel, Pablo Fernandez-Berrocal, Astrid Schutz, Peter Salovey

Old, New, Borrowed, Blue? The Emergence and Retention of Personal Meaning in Autobiographical Storytelling
Kate C. McLean, Monisha Pasupathi

Listening, Watching, and Reading: The Structure and Correlates of Entertainment Preferences
Peter J. Rentfrow, Lewis R. Goldberg, Ran Zilca

A Longitudinal Analysis of Self-Regulation and Well-Being: Avoidance Personal Goals, Avoidance Coping, Stress Generation, and Subjective Well-Being
Andrew J. Elliot, Todd M. Thrash, Kou Muryama