Developmental Science

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Edited By: Charles A. Nelson, Michelle de Haan, and Paul C. Quinn

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ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2015: 5/69 (Psychology Developmental); 7/85 (Psychology Experimental)

Online ISSN: 1467-7687

Early Career Researcher Prize

Developmental Science Early Career Researcher Prize

In order to help recognise the emergence of new researchers with outstanding potential in the field, the Developmental Science editors wish to award an annual prize for the best original scientific paper or report to appear in the journal. For further information on nominations, please click here.

Previous Prize Winners:

2015 - Gunnar Norrman
'The irreversibility of sensitive period effects in language development: evidence from second language acquisition in international adoptees'
By Gunnar Norrman and Emanuel Bylund

2014 - Kari S. Kretch and Karen E. Adolph
'Active vision in passive locomotion: real-world free viewing in infants and adults'
By Kari S. Kretch and Karen E. Adolph

2013 - Sarah Shultz
'Neural specialization for speech in the first months of life'
By Sarah Shultz, Athena Vouloumanos, Randi H. Bennett and Kevin Pelphrey

2012 - Dr Richard Prather
Connecting neural coding to number cognition: a computational account'
By Richard W. Prather

2011 - Melissa Libertus
Preschool acuity of the Approximate Number System correlates with math ability'
By Melissa E. Libertus, Lisa Feigenson and Justin Halberda

2010 - Yang Zhang
'Neural coding of formant-exaggerated speech in the infant brain'
By Yang Zhang, Tess Koerner, Sharon Miller, Zach Grice-Patil, Adam Svec, David Akbari, Liz Tusler and Edward Carney

2009 - Nim Tottenham
'Prolonged institutional rearing is associated with atypically larger amygdala volume and difficulties in emotion regulation'
By Nim Tottenham, Todd A. Hare, Brian T. Quinn, Thomas W. McCarry, Marcella Nurse, Tara Gilhooly, Alexander Millner, Adriana Galvan, Matthew C. Davidson, Inge-Marie Eigsti, Kathleen M. Thomas, Peter J. Freed, Elizabeth S. Booma, Megan R. Gunnar, Margaret Altemus, Jane Aronson, B.J. Casey

2008 - Dr. Essi Viding
Heritability of antisocial behaviour at 9: Do callous-unemotional traits matter?' 
By Essi Viding, Alice P. Jones, J. Frick Paul, Terrie E. Moffitt and Robert Plomin

2007 - David Buttelmann
Enculturated chimpanzees imitate rationally'
By David Buttelmann, Malinda Carpenter, Josep Call and Michael Tomasello

2006 - Barbara Conboy
Two languages, one developing brain: event-related potentials to words in bilingual toddlers'
By Barbara T. Conboy and Debra L. Mills