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Edited By: Robert D.Schulzinger and Thomas W. Zeiler

Online ISSN: 1467-7709

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The Cold War: Recent Findings from Diplomatic History,

Published: 27 Sep 2010

Edited By: Robert D.Schulzinger and Thomas W. Zeiler

Introduction: The history of the Cold War remains one of the main areas of interest for historians of American foreign relations. The end of that conflict and the opening of ever more archival sources has deepened our understanding of how the Cold War developed and how it ended. Practitioners and students of contemporary U.S. foreign policy have looked back to the Cold War for lessons to apply in current foreign relations. The ten articles in this collection have appeared in Diplomatic History in the past three years. They employ a variety of traditional and newer approaches to the field. These range from psychological studies of foreign policy decision makers, to American conceptions of international order and hegemony, to environmental diplomacy, to trade and market reforms, to bilateral relations between the U.S. and allies during key turning points of the Cold War. Many of them deal with issues of contemporary relevance. Different articles discuss U.S. efforts to train security forces in other countries, the ways in which trade and economic diplomacy affects other aspects of foreign affairs, dealing with allies, and the politics of winding down U.S. involvement in overseas wars. Together, they demonstrate the continuing vibrancy of the study of the history of U.S. foreign relations. -- Robert D. Schulzinger Editor-in-Chief, Diplomatic History

Illusions of Coherence: Kennan, Strategy and Political Warfare in the Early Cold War
Scott Lucas and Kaeten Mistry

Modernizing Repression: Police Training, Political Violence, and Nation-Building in the American Century
Jeremy Kuzmarov

A Perfect (Free-Market) World? Economics, the Eisenhower Administration, and the Soviet Economic Offensive in Latin America
Bevan Sewell

"This Is the American Earth": American Empire, the Cold War, and American Environmentalism
Thomas Robertson

"It Is Not Easy for the United States to Carry the Whole Load": Anglo-American Relations during the Berlin Crisis, 1961–1962
Toshihiko Aono

Conflicted Hegemon: LBJ and the Dominican Republic
Randall B. Woods

Fatal Politics: Nixon's Political Timetable for Withdrawing from Vietnam
Ken Hughes

The Politics of Troop Withdrawal: Salted Peanuts, the Commitment Trap, and Buying Time
Robert Jervis

"Casting a Shadow" over Trade: The Problem of Private Claims and Blocked Assets in U.S.-China Relations, 1972-1975
William Burr

"Winners" and "Losers," France, the United States, and the End of the Cold War
Frédéric Bozo