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Associated Title(s): Clinical Obesity, Obesity Science & Practice, Pediatric Obesity

List of Virtual Issues

List of Virtual Issues

World Obesity Virtual Issue: Weight bias, body-image and psychological stress factors

Outcomes of Bariatric Surgery

Childhood obesity: From genetics, epigenetics and prevention to management

Public Health and Policy

World Obesity Virtual Issue: Weight bias, body-image and psychological stress factors

Despite the recognition of obesity as a disease (USA, Canada) or disability (Europe), there is a large body of evidence that people with obesity (PwO) suffer discrimination and stigmatisation. They experience this from society as a whole, employers and health care professionals. Obesity is perhaps the last area of prejudice that remains socially and politically acceptable. Studies have shown that even by the age of 6 years, children have developed these attitudes. Behind this lies a confusion between mechanisms of weight gain (through positive energy balance related to intake and expenditure) and the causes which are complex relating to gene-environment interactions. Regardless of the causes or mechanisms, the population at large as well as PwO should not expect to be judged, but to be helped to access appropriate preventative public health and medical care where it is needed. There are of course direct links between the stress of social exclusion and stigmatisation, with weight gain and maladaptive behaviours . The editors of Clinical Obesity, Obesity Reviews, Paediatric Obesity and Obesity Science and Practice have selected here some recent key papers from their journals that explore these areas for a virtual issue on the topic of ‘Weight bias, body-image and psychological stress factors’.

Obesity and discrimination – a systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studies
J. Spahlholz, N. Baer, H.-H. König, S. G Riedel-Heller and C. Luck-Sikorski
Obesity Reviews

Identification of educational needs in the management of overweight and obesity: results of an international survey of attitudes and practice
L. A. Leiter, A. Astrup, R. C. Andrews, A. Cuevas, D. B. Horn, M. Kunešová, G. Wittert and N. Finer
Clinical Obesity

Cross-national perspectives about weight-based bullying in youth: nature, extent and remedies
R. M. Puhl, J. D. Latner, K. O'Brien, J. Luedicke, M. Forhan and S. Danielsdottir
Pediatric Obesity

Do stressed mothers have heavier children? A meta-analysis on the relationship between maternal stress and child body mass index
E. B. Tate, W. Wood, Y. Liao and G. F. Dunton
Obesity Reviews

A new model of the role of psychological and emotional distress in promoting obesity: conceptual review with implications for treatment and prevention
E. Hemmingsson
Obesity Reviews

What do parents want for their children who are overweight when visiting the paediatrician?
C. Upperman, P. Palmieri, H. Lin, G. Flores and C. B. Turer
Obesity Science & Practice

Body weight dynamics following intentional weight loss and physical performance: the Look AHEAD Movement and Memory Study
K. M. Beavers, R. H. Neiberg, D. K. Houston, G. A. Bray, J. O. Hill, J. M. Jakicic and K. C. Johnson, S. B. Kritchevsky, for the Action for Health In Diabetes (Look AHEAD) Movement and Memory Ancillary Study Research Group
Obesity Science & Practice

Body mass index trajectory throughout adolescence: a comparison of maltreated adolescents by maltreatment type to a community sample
J. U. Schneiderman, S. Negriff, M. Peckins, F. E. Mennen and P. K. Trickett
Pediatric Obesity

The association between childhood sexual and physical abuse with incident adult severe obesity across 13 years of the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health
A. S. Richardson, W. H. Dietz and P. Gordon-Larsen
Pediatric Obesity

Food insecurity, food assistance and weight status in US youth: new evidence from NHANES 2007–08
M. J. Kohn, J. F. Bell, H. M. G. Grow and G. Chan
Pediatric Obesity

Regular exercise behaviour in youth is not related to current body mass index or body mass index at 7-year follow-up
C. Huppertz, M. Bartels, C. E. M. van Beijsterveldt, G. Willemsen, J. J. Hudziak and E. J. C. de Geus
Obesity Science & Practice

Impact of weight bias and stigma on quality of care and outcomes for patients with obesity
S. M. Phelan, D. J. Burgess, M. W. Yeazel, W. L. Hellerstedt, J. M. Griffin and M. van Ryn
Obesity Reviews

Systematic review of psychological and social outcomes of adolescents undergoing bariatric surgery, and predictors of success
B. White, J. Doyle, S. Colville, D. Nicholls, R. M. Viner and D. Christie
Clinical Obesity

Exploring women's responses to online media coverage of weight loss surgery
C. Champion, N. Glenn, T. Berry and J. C. Spence
Clinical Obesity

Public Health and Policy

The prevalence of both adult and child obesity continues to increase worldwide. Not only does this impact the individual but it also has major societal effects that increasingly impact the ability of healthcare systems to deliver the necessary care.

Recognizing the cost implications of obesity and the necessity to understand the environmental factors that influence the development of obesity and limit the ability to the maintain healthy lifestyles, it is not surprising that Governments are seeking understanding from Public Health studies that would aid them in developing new approaches to limit and finally reverse the current trends.

The potential of planning or regulatory approaches, environmental changes or development of new programs are all encompassed in a comprehensive Public health approach. Over the last 18 months, Obesity Reviews has published a range of outstanding reviews that have looked at all aspects of the Public health approach to this obesity crisis.

We bring them together in this virtual review to provide a wide ranging overview of the field that I hope will be informative for those both familiar or less familiar with current initiatives, concepts and ideas.

Processed foods and the nutrition transition: evidence from Asia
P. Baker And S. Friel

A systematic review of the influence of the retail food environment around schools on obesity-related outcomes
J. Williams, P. Scarborough, A. Matthews, G. Cowburn, C. Foster, N. Roberts And M. Rayner

A systematic review of persuasive marketing techniques to promote food to children on television
G. Jenkin, N. Madhvani, L. Signal and S. Bowers

The impact of initiatives to limit the advertising of food and beverage products to children: a systematic review
S. Galbraith-Emami and T. Lobstein

The disproportionate economic burden associated with severe and complicated obesity: a systematic review
E. Grieve, E. Fenwick, H-C. Yang and M. Lean

Use of data from the Health Survey for England in obesity policy making and monitoring
O. Oyebode and J. Mindell

Systematic literature review of the effects of food and drink advertising on food and drink-related behaviour, attitudes and beliefs in adult populations
S. D. H. Mills, L. M. Tanner and J. Adams

The possibility of regulating for obesity prevention – understanding regulation in the Commonwealth Government
B. Crammond, C. Van, S. Allender, A. Peeters, M. Lawrence, G. Sacks, H. Mavoa, B. A. Swinburn and B. Loff

Assessing the potential effectiveness of food and beverage taxes and subsidies for improving public health: a systematic review of prices, demand and body weight outcomes
L. M. Powell, J. F. Chriqui, T. Khan, R. Wada and F. J. Chaloupka

Comparison of national gestational weight gain guidelines and energy intake recommendations
N. Alavi, S. Haley, K. Chow and S. D. McDonald

Outcomes of Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery is now recognized as a very successful way for reducing body weight and many of the metabolic comorbidities associated with obesity. This selection of articles from the last 2 years reviews the outcomes of surgery on weight reduction, type 2 diabetes and other comorbidities as well as contrasting the effectiveness of differing surgical approaches.

Insulin resistance and bariatric surgery
Rao, R. S., Yanagisawa, R. and Kini, S.

Impact of laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding on type 2 diabetes
Dixon, J. B., Murphy, D. K., Segel, J. E. and Finkelstein, E. A.

Bariatric surgery: a systematic review and network meta-analysis of randomized trials
Padwal, R., Klarenbach, S., Wiebe, N., Birch, D., Karmali, S., Manns, B., Hazel, M., Sharma, A. M. and Tonelli, M.

Could the mechanisms of bariatric surgery hold the key for novel therapies? A report from the Pennington Scientific Symposium
Tam, C. S., Berthoud, H.-R., Bueter, M., Chakravarthy, M. V., Geliebter, A., Hajnal, A., Holst, J., Kaplan, L., Pories, W., Raybould, H., Seeley, R., Strader, A. and Ravussin, E.

Audit of nutritional and dietary outcomes of bariatric surgery patients
Harbottle, L.

The effects of laparoscopic vs open gastric bypass for morbid obesity: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
Tian, H. L., Tian, J. H., Yang, K. H., Yi, K. and Li, L.

Diabetes resolution and hyperinsulinemia after metabolic Roux-en Y gastric bypass
Ashrafian, H., Athanasiou, T., Li, J. V., Bueter, M., Ahmed, K., Nagpal, K., Holmes, E., Darzi, A. and Bloom, S. R.

Cardiovascular benefits of bariatric surgery in morbidly obese patients
Athyros, V. G., Tziomalos, K., Karagiannis, A. and Mikhailidis, D. P.

The benefits of bariatric surgery in obese patients with hip and knee osteoarthritis: a systematic review
Gill, R. S., Al-Adra, D. P., Shi, X., Sharma, A. M., Birch, D. W. and Karmali, S.

Childhood obesity: From genetics, epigenetics and prevention to management

The increasing prevalence of childhood obesity is a matter of concern for all. The causes, consequences, and evidence-based interventions for prevention are very complex and not completely understood, and a comprehensive body of ongoing research is being published every year, so it can be difficult to keep abreast of the current state of the art. Obesity Reviews regularly publishes updated reviews on these important issues, and here we share with you some of the best reviews on this topic.

Physical environmental correlates of childhood obesity: a systematic review
G. F. Dunton , J. Kaplan , J. Wolch, M. Jerrett and K. D. Reynolds

Individuality and epigenetics in obesity
J. Campión , F. I. Milagro and J. A. Martínez

Prevention of childhood obesity – what type of evidence should we consider relevant
C. Doak, B. L. Heitmann, C. Summerbell and L. Lissner

FTO: the first gene contributing to common forms of human obesity
R. J. F. Loos and C. Bouchard

Childhood obesity: are we missing the big picture?
W. Maziak, K. D. Ward and M. B. Stockton

Reducing obesity and related chronic disease risk in children and youth: a synthesis of evidence with 'best practice' recommendations
M. A. T. Flynn, D. A. McNeil, B. Maloff, D. Mutasingwa , M. Wu, C. Ford and S. C. Tough

The prevention of overweight and obesity in children and adolescents: a review of interventions and programmes
C. M. Doak, T. L. S. Visscher, C. M. Renders and J. C. Seidell

Obesity in children and young people: a crisis in public health
T. Lobstein , L. Baur and R. Uauy for the IASO International Obesity TaskForce