Art History

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Edited By: Genevieve Warwick and Natalie Adamson

Online ISSN: 1467-8365

Special Issues

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 Andrea Mantegna: Making Art (History).

Andrea Mantegna: Making Art (History).
Edited by Stephen J. Campbell and Jérémie Koering
Published April 2014

 The Clever Object The Clever Object.
Edited by Matthew C. Hunter and Francesco Lucchini
Published June 2013
 The Erotics of Looking The Erotics of Looking: Materiality, Solicitation and Netherlandish Visual Culture.
Edited by Angela Vanhaelen & Bronwen Wilson
Published November 2012
 British Art

British Art in the Cultural Field, 1939-69
Edited by Lisa Tickner & David Peters Corbett
Published April 2012


Anglo-American: Artistic Exchange between Britain and the USA
Edited by David Peters Corbett & Sarah Monks
Published September 2011

 Creative Writing

Creative Writing and Art History
Edited by Catherine Grant & Patricia Rubin
Published April 2011

 Theatricality in Early Modern Art

Theatricality in Early Modern Visual Art and Architecture  
Edited by Caroline can Eck & Stijn Bussels
Published April 2010


Photography after Conceptual Art                                   
Edited by Diarmuid Costello & Margaret Iversen
Published December 2009

 Contemporary Perspectives

Art History: Contemporary Perspectives on Method         
Edited by Dana Arnold
Published September 2009


Import/Export: Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in the Kingdom of Naples, 1266-1713
Edited by Cordelia Warr & Janis Elliott
Published September 2008