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Edited By: Helen Dickinson, Maria Katsonis, Adrian Kay, Janine O'Flynn and Anne Tiernan

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Indigenous Affairs

For such a central issue in Australia’s history, it is remarkable that Indigenous Affairs – however defined – did not make an appearance in the AJPA until the late 1980s. This despite the major experiments that have taken place in this public policy arena for decades. Once the debate enters the pages of the AJPA with Sanders' first contribution, however, it is clear to see that it becomes a central topic of the journal. From the treatment of Aboriginal marriage, through to policies for remote communities, the demise of ATSIC, COAG Trials and governance, this has been an area of distinguished debate in the AJPA and drawn contributions from leading practitioners and scholars. From the collection drawn from the journal, it is also clear what a central part Will Sanders from the Australian National University has played in steering that debate for more than 25 years. As we continue to grapple with the complexities of the challenges that characterise this policy domain, taking the opportunity to reflect on 25 years of discussion, debate and controversy in the pages of the AJPA can help us to move forward armed with an in-depth understanding.

Janine O’Flynn
Deputy Editor, Australian Journal of Public Administration

The Department of Social Security’s Treatment of Aboriginal Polygyny and Tribal Marriage: A Saga of Administrative Debate
Will Sanders

The Australian Aboriginal Electoral Information Service
P. Loveday

Governments and Aboriginal Communities
Charles Perkins

The Politics of Road Funding: Remote Aboriginal Communities and Federalism in Western Australia
Christine Fletcher

Reconstructing Aboriginal Housing Policy for Remote Areas: How Much Room for Manoeuvre?
Will Sanders

The CDEP Scheme: Administrative and Policy Issues
Jon Altman and Will Sanders

Ending the Despair
Lois O'Donoghue

Aboriginal Australia and Public Administration
Charles Perkins

Volatile Substances: Coordinating Petrol-Sniffing Programs for Aboriginal Communities in a Federal System
Jane Robbins

Reconciling Public Accountability and Aboriginal Self-Determination/Self-Management: Is ATSIC Succeeding?
Will Sanders

Public Policy in Indigenous Affairs – No Miraculous Solutions
Patricia Turner

In Indigenous Affairs Nothing is New, Just Forgotten
Lois O'Donoghue

The Demise of ATSIC? Accountability and the Coalition Government
Michele Ivanitz

Torres Strait Governance Structures and the Centenary of Australian Federation: A Missed Opportunity?
Will Sanders

The Indigenous Land Corporation: An Analysis of its Performance Five Years On
Jon Altman and David Pollack

Reducing Aboriginal Over-Representation in Prison
Don Weatherburn, Jackie Fitzgerald and Jiuzhao Hua

Denying Citizens Their Rights? Indigenous People, Mining Payments and Service Provision
Ciaran O'Faircheallaigh

Indigenous Australians and the Rules of the Social Security System: Universalism, Appropriateness and Justice
Will Sanders

Dealing with Unfinished Indigenous Business: The Need for Historical Reflection
Katrina Alford and Jan Muir

Principles for Developing Indigenous Policy-Making
Judith Bessant and Amanda Watkinson

Problems of Indigenous Community Councils in North Australia
Chris Adepoyibi

Giving Up on Reconciliation – Is Strategic Surprise Inevitable?
John Sanderson

Being a Good Senior Manager in Indigenous Community Governance: Working with Public Purpose and Private Benefit
Will Sanders

Demand Responsiveness Services: Towards an Analytical Framework for Administration Practice in Indigenous Settlements
Mark Moran

National Policy-Making in Indigenous Affairs: Blueprint for an Indigenous Review Council
John Chesterman

Healthy Country, Healthy People: Policy Implications of Links Between Indigenous Human Health and Environment Condition in Tropical Australia
Stephen T. Garnett, Bev Sithole, Peter J. Whitehead, C. Paul Burgess, Fay H. Johnston and Tess Lea

What Makes an Aboriginal Council Successful? Case Studies of Aboriginal Community Government Performance in Far North Queensland
Michael Limerick

Working with Complexity: Community Engagement and the Murdi Paaki COAG Trial 2002–2007
Wendy Jarvie and Jenny Stewart