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Edited By: Helen Dickinson, Maria Katsonis, Adrian Kay, Janine O'Flynn and Anne Tiernan

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Innovation and Reform

Innovation has been centre stage in Australia for several years and reform is always on the agenda. We speak of them separately, yet they are intertwined. In this collection we draw on the archives of the AJPA to showcase how these topics have been discussed and debated in the pages of the journal.

In the reform section we start with Dunk’s 1947 paper on management problems in the public service, remarkably – some forty years before the great managerialist debate hits the journal with Considine’s article in 1990. In a fifty-year period we move through a range of questions and challenges where reform is either the great solution or the great problem (depending on your view), and key scholars and practitioners make major contributions through the pages of the AJPA.

There has been much more written on reform in the AJPA; here we selected out just some of the great articles that have graced the pages of the journal. As we move further forward and into major reform agendas around the world, expect to see reform again at the centre of what gets discussed in the AJPA.

The topic of innovation explicitly enters the pages of the AJPA in the late 1980s, although we have been debating various aspects of innovation with other labels for quite some time. With innovation central to political and administrative debate in Australia, looking back at major contributions on the topic is timely, and also may help to guide those charged with attempting to spur an innovation revolution.

Janine O’Flynn
Deputy Editor, Australian Journal of Public Administration

Section 1: Reform
New Problems of Management in the Public Service
W.E. Dunk

The Requirements for Efficient Management in the Public Service
K.E. Grainger

The Years Ahead – Are We Ready for Them?
Sir John Goodsell

Administrative Reform: Minding the Machinery
I.F. Nicolson

The Political Factor in Administrative Change
P.H. Baily

Administrative Reform
Gerald E. Caiden

The Focus of Reform in Commonwealth Government Administration
Sir Arthur Tange

The Transformation of Budgetary Norms
Aaron Wildavsky

Administrative Overload and the Role of Government
Peter Self

Public Sector Reform: Exploring the Victorian Experience
John Halligan and Michael O'Grady

Section 2: Innovation
Innovation and the Bureaucrat: A Background Essay
Ian Radbone

Innovative Bureaucracy: Doing It Better
Bruce Guerin

Local Government as Innovators
Roger Wettenhall

Understanding Employee Motivation to Innovate: Evidence from Front Line Employees in United States Federal Agencies
Sergio Fernandes and David W. Pitts

Creating the Conditions for Radical Public Service Innovation
David Albury