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Edited By: Helen Dickinson, Maria Katsonis, Adrian Kay and Janine O'Flynn

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Politics, Politicians and Public Servants

The first issue of the Australian Journal of Public Administration was released in 1937 and in that first issue F.A. Bland wrote on the role of the public service. Throughout the history of the AJPA the nature of the relationship between politics, politicians and public servants has featured prominently, and a quick scan of the author list below shows this has attracted some of the most prominent scholars and practitioners of public administration in Australia. From early days exploring the role, through to contemporary debate on the impact of ‘new public management’ on the politicization (or not) of the public service, to the public value debate, this has been, without doubt, a major theme in the AJPA’s history and will continue to be in its future.

Janine O’Flynn
Deputy Editor, Australian Journal of Public Administration

The Public Service: Its Role in a System of Representative Government
F. A. Bland

Ministers and How to Handle Them – By One Who Doesn’t
C. V. Janes

Public Service Staff Associations and Politics
J. D. B. Miller

Administration and the Communist Ethic
P. C. Greenland

Politics and Administration
P. W. E. Curtin

A Responsible Bureaucracy in Great Britain?
H. R. Hudson

The Relations Between Parliament, The Public and The Public Service
H. P. Breen

The Role of the British Civil Servant in Policy Formation
Richard Griffiths

Parliamentary Control of Departments
S. M. Keon

The Role of the Permanent Head
J. G. Crawford

The Administrator as a Salesman: Some Observations on the American Scene
Jesse T. Carpenter

Power and Responsibility – A Comment
Leo Blair

The Public Servant and Responsible Government
Wallace C. Wurth

Political Problems of Administrative Responsibility and Reform
Peter Wilenski

The Political Factor in Administrative Change
P. H. Bailey

Public Servants and the Briefing of Party Committees
Patrick Weller

Relations between Civil Servants and Ministers in Policy Making
John Crawford

The Role of the Public Servants in Policy Formulation
William Dunk

Public Administration and the Political Education
B. B. Schaffer

Official Neutrality and the Right of Public Comment
R. S. Parker

The Responsibilities of the Administrator in the Public Services
F. H. Wheeler

The Political Role of the Commonwealth Bureaucracy
G. E. Caiden

Studies in Bureaucracy
R. N. Spann

Ministers and Civil Servants: Changes in Whitehall
Lewis A. Gunn

Politics and the Commonwealth Public Service
L. F. Crisp

An Evaluation of Bureaucratic Power
P. H. Partridge

Can Public Administration Cope?
S. Encel

The Role of the Public Services in a Changing Environment
R. W. Cole

Political Problems of Administrative Responsibility and Reform
Peter Wilenski

The Professional Career Public Services: Some Reflections of a Practitioner
Frederick Wheeler

Statesmen in Disguise
R. S. Parker

The Public Servant
Alan Renouf

The Concept of Bureaucratic Neutrality
Chris Williams

“No, Permanent Head”: Politician—Bureaucrat Relationships in Victoria
Martin Laffin

Politicisation and the Australian Public Service
Patrick Weller

Politicisation — Responsiveness
K. P. Baxter

Let the Managers Govern: Minister-Bureaucrat Relationship in New South Wales
Martin Laffin

Ministerial Staff in Australian Commonwealth Government
Delmer D. Dunn

The Modern Office of the Department Head
A. D. Rose

‘Not Like the Good Old Days’
A. J. Ayers

Understanding Minister–Bureaucrat Relations: Applying Multi-Theoretic Approaches in Public Management
Martin Laffin

Departmental Secretaries in Canada and the United Kingdom
John Halligan

Departmental Secretaries: Appointment, Termination and their Impact
Patrick Weller and John Wanna

Politicisation of Senior Appointments in the Australian Public Service
Richard Mulgan

The Public Service: Independence, Responsibility and Responsiveness
Michael Keating

Senior Public Servants, Political Discrimination and Dismissals
Max Spry

In the Wake of ‘A Certain Maritime Incident’: Ministerial Advisers, Departments and Accountability
Michael Keating

Les liaisons dangereuses: Relations between Police Commissioners and their Political Masters
Jenny Fleming

‘Lackies, Careerists, Political Stooges’? Personal Reflections on the Current State of Public Service Leadership
Peter Shergold

Ministers, Minders and Public Servants: Changing Parameters of Responsibility in Australia
James Walter

What Really Happens: Department Secretary Appointments, Contracts and Performance Pay in the Australian Public Service
Andrew Podger

What Really Happens in the Australian Public Service: An Alternative View
Peter Shergold

Ministerial Advisers and the Politics of Policy-Making: Bureaucratic Permanence and Popular Control
Chris Eichbaum and Richard Shaw

Response to Peter Shergold
Andrew Podger

Public Service Secretaries and their Independence from Political Influence: The View of the Public Service Commissioner
Lynelle Briggs

Independence and Responsiveness – Re-tying the Gordian Knot
John Wanna

How Much Responsiveness is Too Much or Too Little?
Richard Mulgan

Where Have All the Ministers Gone?
Richard Mulgan

Advising Ministers – The Special Problem of Defence
Tracey Arklay, Anne Tiernan and Hugh White

Assessing the Capacity to Deliver – The BER Experience
Catherine Althaus

Grand Designs? The ‘Managerial Roles of Ministers Within Westminster-Based Public Management Policy
Michael Di Francesco