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Edited By: Helen Dickinson, Maria Katsonis, Adrian Kay, Janine O'Flynn and Anne Tiernan

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Professional Capabilities for Public Servants

IPAA has recently been exploring professional standards and their potential role across the public services of Australia. In this collection, drawn from the archives of the journal, we see that the issue of professional capabilities has been long debated in the pages of the journal. This begins with an exploration of the function of the administrator in the 1940s, moves through a range of perspectives on training, requirements for a successful administrator, the emergence of the leadership debate, and on to more recent debates on the capacity of the public service more broadly.

Janine O’Flynn
Deputy Editor, Australian Journal of Public Administration

The Function of the Administrator
F. E. Barraclough

The Recruitment, Training and Organisation of The Public Service
L. F. Giblin

The Role of Public Service Associations In Public Administration
F. L. Hedges

The Training of Commonwealth Public Servants
J. J. Betts

Why Train Public Servants?
M. S. Jeans

Post Entry Training. A Report Prepared By The Institute Of Public Administration: Victorian Regional Group

Recent Developments In Administrative Training In The Commonwealth Public Service
H. J. Wright

The Administrative Staff College
Noel F. Hall

The Commonwealth Public Service and Outside Recruitment
S. Encel

The Requirements for a Successful Administrator
A. C. Tillett

The Public Servants and Responsible Government
Wallace C. Wurth

Executive Development In The Commonwealth Public Service
R. S. Parker

The Australian Administrative Staff College
Douglas Copland

Personal Qualifications In An Executive
Arthur W. Meadows

An Approach To Staff Training
E. L. Knaus

Development of the Executives in the Public Services
M. R. C. Stradwick

Development of Executives
J. V. Chard

Training and Development
D. C. Corbett

Training: A Manager's Viewpoint
W. K. Allen

Managerial Development: An Indonesian Experience
J. Panglaykim

Public Administration As A Profession: Some Australian Reflections on Fulton
L. F. Crisp

The Public Service as a Vocation
A. M. Ramsay

The Years Ahead—Are We Ready For Them?
John Goodsell

The Nature of Professionalism
Peter Middleton

Rethinking The Senior Executive Service: Executive Development as Political Education
John Uhr

Challenges of the Next Twenty Years: Future Directions for Training
Joan Corkery

From Management to Leadership: A Comparative Perspective on Leadership in the Australian Public Service
John R. Baker

Developing A Framework for Management Education in the Victorian Public Service
Pauline Glass, Suzanne Martin, Valerie Swaine and Ray MacGilp

Public Management and Leadership: Towards the Design of Leadership in the Context of Public Management Systems
Rainer Koch

Competencies and Human Resource Management in the Department Of Immigration, Local Government And Ethnic Affairs
Carol Hunt and Linda Meech

The SES: Obtaining the Core Competencies
D. J. Ives

Leadership Skills in the Australian SES
E. J. Attridge

Managing and Leading in the Next Century
John Mellors

Is The Higher Public Service a Profession?
Craig Matheson

Knowing and Skilling in Contemporary Public Administration
Michael Hess and David Adams

Integrated Leadership System in the Australian Public Service
Andrew Podger, Anne Simic, Jane Halton, Peter Shergold and Tina Maher

Advising Ministers – The Special Problem of Defence
Tracey Arklay, Anne Tiernan and Hugh White

The Australian Public Service and Policy Advising: Meeting the Challenges of 21st Century Governance
Evert Lindquist and Anne Tiernan

Equipping The Australian Public Service For Australia's Future Challenges
Kevin Rudd

Advising Australian Federal Governments: Assessing The Evolving Capacity and Role of The Australian Public Service
Anne Tiernan

New Capabilities To Allow Us To Prosper
Julia Gillard