British Journal of Industrial Relations

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Edited By: John Godard

Online ISSN: 1467-8543

Annual Review Articles

The British Journal of Industrial Relations invites one scholar each year to write a review article which explores interesting labour market developments in a particular country. Recent countries that review articles have focused on include the USA, South Korea, China, and Israel.

The article should be no longer than 10,000 words and the deadline is normally on 1st February of the preceding year. Articles are reviewed by all editors, and publication of the paper is usually published in volume 3 or 4 the following year.

Annual Review Article 2012
Unionization, Inequality and Redistribution

Jonas Pontusson
Vol 51: Iss 4, December 2013

Annual Review Article 2011
Public Employee Compensation and the Efficacy of Privatization Alternatives in US State and Local Governments

Jeffrey Keefe
Vol 50: Iss 4, December 2012

Annual Review Article 2010
Between Fragmentation and Centralization: South Korean Industrial Relations in Transition
Joohee Lee
Vol 49: Iss 4, December 2011

Annual Review Article 2009
Remaking the World of Chinese Labour: A 30-Year Retrospective

Eli Friedman, and Ching Kwan Lee
Vol 48: Iss 3, September 2010

Annual Review Article 2008
Addressing the Legitimacy Gap in the Israeli Corporatist Revival

Guy Mundlak
Vol 47: Iss 4, December 2009

Annual Review Article 2007
The Neoliberal State, Trade Unions and Collective Bargaining in Australia

Rae Cooper, and Bradon Ellem
Vol 46: Iss 3, September 2008

Annual Review Article 2006
Side by Side We Battle Onward? Representing Workers in Contemporary America

Rebecca Kolins Givan
Vol 45: Iss 4, December 2007

Annual Review Article 2005
Raising the Standard? The Regulation of Employment, and Public Sector Employment Policy

Helen Bewley
Vol. 44: Iss 2, June 2006

Annual Review Article 2004
Regulating the European Labour Market: Prospects and Limitations of a Reflexive Governance Approach

Richard Hobbs and Wanjiru Njoya
Vol. 43: Iss 2, June 2005

Annual Review Article 2003
The New Generation of Trade Union Leaders and Prospects for Union Revitalization

Andrew Charlwood
Vol. 42: Iss 2, June 2004

Annual Review Article 2002
Heightening Tension in Relations between Trade Unions and the Labour Government

Jeremy Waddington
Vol. 41: Iss 2, June 2003

Annual Review Article 2001
Public-sector Employment Relations Reforms under Labour: Muddling Through on Modernization?

Stephen D. Bach
Vol. 40: Iss 2, June 2002