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Corporate Governance

‘If the Facts Don't Fit the Theory … ’: The Security Design Puzzle in Venture Finance
Simona Zambelli
IJMR, first published online: April 2014

Family Business Performance from a Governance Perspective: A Review of Empirical Research

Julio Pindado and Ignacio Requejo
IJMR, first published online: June 2014

Remuneration Committees, Pay Consultants and the Determination of Executive Directors' Pay
Stuart Ogden and Robert Watson
BJM, first published online: December 2012

Corporate Diversification, Information Asymmetry and Insider Trading
Ali Ataullah, Ian Davidson, Hang Le and Geoffrey Wood
BJM, first published online: April 2014

Top Management Team Members’ Decision Influence and Cooperative Behaviour: An Empirical Study in the Information Technology Industry
Tine Buyl, Christophe Boone and Walter Hendriks
BJM, first published online: April 2014

Women in Upper Echelons of Management, Tenure and Legal Risk
Shuji Bao, Stav Fainshmidt, Anil Nair and Veselina Vracheva
BJM, first published online: April 2014

Females and Precarious Board Positions: Further Evidence of the Glass Cliff
Mark Mulcahy and Carol Linehan
BJM, Currently in Early View

Politics and Power within Multinational Corporations: Mainstream Studies, Emerging Critical Approaches and Suggestions for Future Research
Mike Geppert, Christoph Dörrenbächer
IJMR, first published online: June 2013

Comparative Capitalism without Capitalism, and Production without Workers: The Limits and Possibilities of Contemporary Institutional Analysis
Geoffrey Wood, Pauline Dibben, Stuart Ogden
IJMR, first published online: November 2013

Politics of the Corporation
Jeroen Veldman
BJM, first published online: August 2013

Regionalization Strategies of European Union Electric Utilities
Ans Kolk, Johan Lindeque, Daniel van den Buuse
BJM, first published online: May 2013

Corporate Political Activity: A Literature Review and Research Agenda
Thomas Lawton, Steven McGuire, Tazeeb Rajwani
IJMR, first published online: April 2012

The Governance Role of Audit Committees: Reviewing a Decade of Evidence
Chaudhry Ghafran, Noel O'Sullivan
IJMR, first published online: August 2012

A Review of Theory in Family Business Research: The Implications for Corporate Governance
Jan-Folke Siebels and Dodo zu Knyphausen-Aufseß
IJMR, first published online: June 2011

A Contingency Model of Boards of Directors and Firm Innovation: The Moderating Role of Firm Size
Fabio Zona, Alessandro Zattoni, Alessandro Minichilli
BJM, first published online: February 2012

Does the Stock Market Gender Stereotype Corporate Boards? Evidence from the Market's Reaction to Directors' Trades
Alan Gregory, Emma Jeanes, Rajesh Tharyan, Ian Tonks
BJM, first published online: January 2012

Corporate Boards, Ownership Structure and Firm Performance in an Environment of Severe Political and Economic Crisis
Musa Mangena, Venancio Tauringana, Eddie Chamisa
BJM, first published online: November 2011

The Service Role of Outside Boards in High Tech Start-ups: A Resource Dependency Perspective
Mirjam Knockaert, Deniz Ucbasaran
BJM, first published online: November 2011

What Makes Better Boards? A Closer Look at Diversity and Ownership
Walid Ben-Amar, Claude Francoeur, Taïeb Hafsi, Réal Labelle
BJM, first published online: November 2011

Should Acquiring Firms Pursue More Than One Value Creation Strategy? An Empirical Test of Acquisition Performance
Véronique Ambrosini, Cliff Bowman, Richard Schoenberg
BJM, 2011, volume 22, issue 1.

Boards of Directors in Family Businesses: A Literature Review and Research Agenda
Yannick Bammens, Wim Voordeckers, Anita Van Gils
IJMR, 2011, volume 13, issue 2.

Governance-Performance Relationship: A Re-examination Using Technical Efficiency Measures
Richard Bozec, Mohamed Dia, Yves Bozec
BJM, 2010, volume 21, issue 3.

To IPO or Not To IPO: Risks, Uncertainty and the Decision to Go Public
Scott Latham, Michael R. Braun
BJM, 2010, volume 21, issue 3.

Investment and Control Decisions in Foreign Markets: Evidence from Service Industries
Jose Pla-Barber, Esther Sanchez-Peinado, Anoop Madhok
BJM, 2010, volume 21, issue 3.

The Impact of Board Independence and CEO Duality on Firm Performance: A Quantile Regression Analysis for Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea and Thailand
Dendi Ramdani, Arjen van Witteloostuijn
BJM, 2010, volume 21, issue 3.

Corporate Reputation: Do Board Characteristics Matter?
Martina Musteen, Deepak K. Datta, Benedict Kemmerer
BJM, 2010, volume 21, issue 2.

The Safeguarding Effect of Governance Mechanisms in Inter-firm Exchange: The Decisive Role of Mutual Opportunism
Marjolein C. J. Caniëls, Cees J. Gelderman
BJM, 2010, volume 21, issue 1.

Family Control and Stock Market Reactions to Innovation Announcements
Shao-Chi Chang, Wann-Yih Wu, Ying-Jiuan Wong
BJM, 2010, volume 21, issue 1.

Beyond the Disciplinary Role of Governance: How Boards Add Value to Spanish Foundations
Pablo De Andrés-Alonso, Valentín Azofra-Palenzuela, M. Elena Romero-Merino
BJM, 2010, volume 21, issue 1.

Contingencies versus External Pressure: Professionalization in Boards of Firms Affiliated to Family Business Groups in Late-Industrializing Countries
Özlem Yildirim-Öktem, Behlül Üsdiken
BJM, 2010, volume 21, issue 1.

How Independent, Competent and Incentivized Should Non-executive Directors Be? An Empirical Investigation of Good Governance Codes
Alessandro Zattoni, Francesca Cuomo
BJM, 2010, volume 21, issue 1.

Private and Public Sector Models for Strategies in Universities
Roger Buckland
BJM, 2009, volume 20, issue 4.

Corporate and Divisional Manager Involvement in Divestitures - a Contingent Analysis
Matthias Brauer
BJM, 2009, volume 20, issue 3.

Forgoing the Flexibility of Real Options: When and Why Firms Commit to Investment Decisions
Margaret Dalziel
BJM, 2009, volume 20, issue 3.

Corporate Reputation and Women on the Board
Stephen Brammer, Andrew Millington, Stephen Pavelin
BJM, 2009, volume 20, issue 1.

Making Boards Effective: An Empirical Examination of Board Task Performance
Alessandro Minichilli, Alessandro Zattoni, Fabio Zona
BJM, 2009, volume 20, issue 1.

Top Management Team Diversity: A Review of Theories and Methodologies
Sabina Nielsen
IJMR, 2009, volume 12, issue 3.

Private equity: A review and synthesis
Geoffrey Wood, Mike Wright
IJMR, 2009, volume 11, issue 4.

The development of strategic management in the non-profit context: Intellectual capital in social service non-profit organization
Eric Kong
IJMR, 2008, volume 10, issue 3.

NGOs and international business research: Progress, prospects and problems
Richard Lambell, Gaby Ramia, Chris Nyland, et al.
IJMR, 2008, volume 10, issue 1.

Corporate reputation: Meaning and measurement
Rosa Chun
IJMR, 2005, volume 7, issue 2.

International venture capital research: From cross-country comparisons to crossing borders
Mike Wright, Sarika Pruthi, Andy Lockett
IJMR, 2005, volume 7, issue 2.

The role of top management teams in formulating and implementing turnaround strategies: a review and research agenda
Franz T. Lohrke, Arthur G. Bedeian, Timothy B. Palmer
IJMR, 2004, volume 5, issue 2.

The Cadbury Committee recommendations on corporate governance - a review of compliance and performance impacts
Elisabeth Dedman
IJMR, 2002, volume 4, issue 4.

Knowledge, innovation and share value
Lewis D. Johnson, Edwin H. Neave, Bohumir Pazderka
IJMR, 2002, volume 4, issue 2.

Toward a capabilities perspective of the small firm
Tony Fu-Lai Yu
IJMR, 2001, volume 3, issue 3.

Executive pay, tournaments and corporate performance in UK firms
Martin J. Conyon, Graham V. Sadler
IJMR, 2001, volume 3, issue 2.