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Leadership & Leadership Development

Leadership in the Academic Field of Business and Management and the Question of Country of Origin: A Commentary on Burgess and Shaw (2010)
Yochanan Altman and Aziza Laguecir
BJM, first published online: December 2012

Effects of Leadership Style, Creativity Technique, and Personal Initiative on Employee Creativity
Daniel Herrmann and Jörg Felfe
BJM, first published online: April 2014

Top Management Team Members’ Decision Influence and Cooperative Behaviour: An Empirical Study in the Information Technology Industry
Tine Buyl, Christophe Boone and Walter Hendriks
BJM, first published online: April 2014

Empowering Leadership, Psychological Empowerment and Employee Outcomes: Testing a Multi-level Mediating Model
Kai Hung Fong and Ed Snape
BJM, Currently in Early View

Participative Leadership and the Organizational Commitment of Civil Servants in China: The Mediating Effects of Trust in Supervisor
Qing Miao, Alexander Newman, Gary Schwarz, Lin Xu
BJM, first published online: August 2013

Ideal Values and Counter-ideal Values as Two Distinct Forces: Exploring a Gap in Organizational Value Research
Niels Van Quaquebeke, Matthias M. Graf, Rudolf Kerschreiter, Sebastian C. Schuh, Rolf van Dick
IJMR, first published online June 2013

Kurt Lewin's Field Theory: A Review and Re-evaluation
Bernard Burnes, Bill Cooke
IJMR, first published online September 2012

Leadership Development in Organizations: Multiple Discourses and Diverse Practice
Christopher Mabey
IJMR, first pubished online June 2012

The Development of Entrepreneurial Leadership: The Role of Human, Social and Institutional Capital
Claire M. Leitch, Christel McMullan, Richard T. Harrison
BJM, first published online: February 2012

Alternative Approaches for Studying Shared and Distributed Leadership
Declan Fitzsimons, Kim Turnbull James, David Denyer
IJMR, first published online: May 2011

Concepts of Community: A Framework for Contextualizing Distributed Leadership
Gareth Edwards
IJMR, first published online: May 2011

Exploring Distributed Leadership in the Small Business Context
Jason Cope, Steve Kempster, Ken Parry
IJMR, first published online: May 2011

Distributing Leadership in Health and Social Care: Concertive, Conjoint or Collective?
Graeme Currie, Andy Lockett
IJMR, first published online: April 2011

Distributed Leadership in Organizations: A Review of Theory and Research
Richard Bolden
IJMR, first published online: April 2011

Locating Distributed Leadership
Richard Thorpe, Jeff Gold, John Lawler
IJMR, first published online: April 2011

Kanter Revisited: Gender, Power and (In)Visibility
Patricia Lewis, Ruth Simpson
IJMR, first published online: December 2011

A double-edged sword: Transformational leadership and individual creativity
Silke Astrid Eisenbeiß, Sabine Boerner
BJM, first published online: November 2011

'Belonging' to a Virtual Research Centre: Exploring the Influence of Social Capital Formation Processes on Member Identification in a Virtual Organization
Davenport, S; Daellenbach, U
BJM, 2011, volume 22, issue 1

The Prevalence of Destructive Leadership Behaviour
Aasland, MS; Skogstad, A; Notelaers, G; Nielsen, MB; Einarsen, S
BJM, 2010, volume 21, issue 2

Leadership and Uncertainty: How Role Ambiguity Affects the Relationship between Leader Group Prototypicality and Leadership Effectiveness Cicero, L; Pierro, A; van Knippenberg, D
BJM, 2010, volume 21, issue 2

Followers' Personality and the Perception of Transformational Leadership: Further Evidence for the Similarity Hypothesis
Felfe, J; Schyns, B
BJM, 2010, volume 21, issue 2

Short-term versus Long-term Impact of Managers: Evidence from the Football Industry
Hughes, M; Hughes, P; Mellahi, K; Guermat, C
BJM, 2010, volume 21, issue 2

Good Effects of Bad Feelings: Negative Affectivity and Group Decision-making
Kooij-de Bode, HJM; van Knippenberg, D; van Ginkel, WP
BJM, 2010, volume 21, issue 2

Corporate Reputation: Do Board Characteristics Matter?
Musteen, M; Datta, DK; Kemmerer, B
BJM, 2010, volume 21, issue 2

The Formation of Group Affect and Team Effectiveness: The Moderating Role of Identification
Tanghe, J; Wisse, B; van der Flier, H
BJM, 2010, volume 21, issue 2

The Role of Group Member Affect in the Relationship between Trust and Cooperation
Tanghe, J; Wisse, B; van der Flier, H
BJM, 2010, volume 21, issue 2

Transformational Leadership Education and Agency Perspectives in Business School Pedagogy: A Marriage of Inconvenience?
Tourish, D; Craig, R; Amernic, J
BJM, 2010, volume 21, issue s1

Guanxi and Conflict Management for Effective Partnering with Competitors in China
Wong, A; Tjosvold, D
BJM, 2010, volume 21, issue 3

Making Boards Effective: An Empirical Examination of Board Task Performance
Minichilli, A; Zattoni, A; Zona, F
BJM, 2009, volume 20, issue 1

Proactivity Directed Toward the Team and Organization: The Role of Leadership, Commitment and Role-breadth Self-efficacy
Strauss, K; Griffin, MA; Rafferty, AE
BJM, 2009, volume 20, issue 3

The management of managers: A review and conceptual framework
Boxall, P; Gilbert, J
IJMR, 2007, volume 9, issue 2