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Author Guidelines

This Page now also Contains Important Information about Open Access and the Licencing Options Associated with it

1. Notes for Contributors
Manuscripts should be submitted online via Scholar One Manuscripts at Full instructions and support are available on the site and a user ID and password can be obtained on the first visit. Support can be contacted by phone (+1 434 964 4100) Monday-Friday, or at

BJPIR aims to provide authors with a decision on manuscripts within four months of receipt.

The following should be submitted:

This should be in the form of an MS Word document typed in double spacing and no more than 8,000 words in length.

Title Page: To include the following:
      1. Full title
      2. Short title - a short title will be required if the full title is more than 40 characters, including word spaces, in length. A short title, if required, is in addition to the full title
      3. Author Details - to include affiliation, full contact details including a working e-mail address and a preferred mailing address, if different from the contact address
      4. Abstract - this should be no more than 150 words in length.
      5. Number of figures, tables and charts
      6. keywords - up to a maximum of 4
      7. Word count

Figures, tables and Charts
Figures should be submitted as separate files. Please include captions
Tables and charts should be included in the manuscript (they can be added at the end of the manuscript)

Please note, authors must submit a ‘Research Highlights’ file in addition to their anonymised main document and separate title page.  Failure to do so will hamper authors’ successful submission of their manuscript to BJPIR.

2. General Submission Guidelines

Endnotes not footnotes. Endnotes should be kept to a minimum and should be numbered consecutively. Acknowledgement notes should be unnumbered.

References should not be included in endnotes. BJPIR uses the Harvard style of referencing as set out below:

'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet' (Smith 1980, 23).
'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet' (Smith 1980a, 23; 1980b, 59).
'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet' (Smith, A. 1980, 23; Smith, B. 1980).
'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet' (Smith 1980, 23; Jones 1990, 37).

Page numbers defining the length of the article cited are not required but a page reference for all direct quotes is. The use of ibid., op.cit., loc. cit., is to be avoided.

References in the bibliography should be listed alphabetically by the author's(s) name(s). The name of the author is followed by his or her initials, a full point and, then, the date of publication. The entry then continues with different formats depending upon whether the contribution is a book, an article or a chapter in an edited collection. For example:

Inglehart, R. (1990) Culture Shift in Advanced Industrial Societies (Princeton, N.J: Princeton University Press). (no comma after date initial caps for book title, no full points in state abbreviation)

Abrams, P. (1988) 'Notes on the difficulty of studying the state', Journal of Historical Sociology, 1:1, 000-000. (article title sentence case, but initial cap on first word after a colon, volume and issue nos. essential, 1:1 not 1(1), and page range)

Chapters in Edited Books
AlIen, D. (1988) 'British foreign policy and west European co-operation', in P. Byrd (ed.), British Foreign Policy under Thatcher (Deddington: Philip Allan), 000-000. (chapter title sentence case, ed. or eds in brackets, page range essential

News items should be cited in the text only not in the bibliography: 'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet' (The Guardian, 10 September 2009).

Newspaper article citations specifically attributed to an author: 'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet' (Cameron 2010) should be fully referenced in the bibliography.
Author, A. (2010) 'Article title', The Times, 22 April, 22.
Author, A. (2010) 'Article title', The Times, 22 April. Available at: www.<full url to online version>

When quoting directly, single quotation marks should be used. Any quotations over 40 words in length should remove the quotation marks and be indented (0.5 both left and right margin).

The editors retain the right to make minor stylistic changes to the finally-accepted typescript. Any substantial changes will, of course, be referred back first to the author.

Open Access/Online Open and BJPIR Licencing

1. For Authors Signing the Exclusive Licence Form
Authors will be required to sign an Exclusive Licence Form (ELF) for all papers accepted for publication unless Online Open is selected (see below). For articles where Online Open is not selected signature of the ELF is a condition of publication and papers will not be passed to the publisher for production unless a signed form has been received. Please note that signature of the ELF does not affect ownership of copyright in the material. Government employees need to complete the Author Warranty sections, although copyright in such cases does not need to be assigned.
After submission authors will retain the right to publish their paper in various media/circumstances (please see the form for further details). The form is available for download here.

For authors signing the ELF: A Note about the Deposit of the Accepted Article Version

i. Funder arrangements:
Certain funders, including the NIH, members of the Research Councils UK (RCUK) and Wellcome Trust require deposit of the Accepted Version in a repository after an embargo period. Details of funding arrangements are set out at the following website:- Please contact the Journal production editor if you have additional funding requirements.

ii. Institutions:
Wiley has arrangements with certain academic institutions to permit the deposit of the Accepted Version in the institutional repository after an embargo period. Details of such arrangements are set out at the following website:

2. For authors choosing Online Open
If you decide to select the Online Open option please use the links below to obtain an open access agreement to sign (this will supersede the ELF). By selecting the Online Open option, you have the choice of the following Creative Commons Licence open access agreements:-

Creative Commons Attribution Licence OAA
Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Licence OAA
Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial –No Derivatives Licence OAA

To preview the terms and conditions of these open access agreements please click the licence types above and visit:-

If you select the OnlineOpen option and your research is funded by The Wellcome Trust and members of the Research Councils UK (RCUK) you may publish your article under a CC-BY licence supporting you in complying with Wellcome Trust and Research Councils UK requirements. For more information on this policy and the Journal’s compliant self-archiving policy please visit:

Please be aware that the Political Studies Association (UK) have issued the following statement about the CC-BY licence:-

PSA Statement on CC-BY
The Political Studies Association endorses the principle of freedom of choice and is thus prepared to offer authors choosing to pay an Article Processing Charge under Online Open the option of publishing under a CC-BY licence. However, the Association wishes to draw the attention of authors to the following risks associated with CC-BY licences:-

● Lack of requirement under the terms of the current CC-BY licence (version 3.0) for other parties to give any indication as to how the original work has been modified in any derivative product
● Lack of protection against poor translation
● Lack of recourse against the work being quoted out of context
● Lack of recourse against the work being reprinted in anthologies where the context is offensive to the author
● Lack of recourse against intermediaries republishing work for commercial gain

RCUK is not expecting immediate full compliance with the mandate.

For RCUK and Wellcome Trust authors who decide to comply with funder mandates by signing the CC-BY licence, click on the link below to preview the terms and conditions of this licence: Creative Commons Attribution Licence

For RCUK and Wellcome Trust authors selecting OnlineOpen who decide not to comply with these mandates, you have the choice of the following Creative Commons Licence open access agreements or the standard Exclusive Licence Form:-
Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Licence OAA
Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial -No Derivatives Licence OAA
Exclusive License Agreement

For further information please contact the BJPIR editorial office:-

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