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Edited By: Oliver Deussen and Hao (Richard) Zhang

Impact Factor: 1.595

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Online ISSN: 1467-8659

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Over Two Decades of Integration-Based, Geometric Flow Visualization
T. McLoughlin, R. S. Laramee, R. Peikert, F. H. Post, M. Chen

One Point Isometric Matching with the Heat Kernel
Maks M. Ovsjanikov, Quentin Merigot, Facundo Memoli, Leonidas Guibas

Optimizing Photo Composition
L. Liu, R. Chen, L. Wolf, D. Cohen-Or

Shared Sampling for Real-Time Alpha Matting
E. Gastal, M. Oliveira

Space-in-Time and Time-in-Space Self-Organizing Maps for Exploring Spatiotemporal Patterns
G. Andrienko, N. Andrienko, S. Bremm, T. Schreck, T. von Landesberger, P. Bak, D. Keim

Time-of-Flight Cameras in Computer Graphics
A. Kolb, E. Barth, R. Koch

Uncertain 2D Vector Field Topology
M. Otto, T. Germer, H-C. Hege, H. Theisel

Trivial Connections on Discrete Surfaces
K. Crane, M. Desbrun, P. Schroeder

Fast High-Dimensional Filtering Using the Permutohedral Lattice
A. Adams, J, Baek, M. Davis

User-Controllable Color Transfer
X. An, F. Pellacini