Corporate Governance: An International Review

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Edited By: Praveen Kumar and Alessandro Zattoni

Impact Factor: 1.766

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Online ISSN: 1467-8683

Free Editorials

CGIR editorials provide a useful overview of the content of each issue, whilst also highlighting themes of particular topicality in the field of corporate governance. Editorials from Volume 16 (2008) onwards are freely available online, regardless of whether you or your institution has a subscription.

Please find a list of our free editorials below:

Volume 22, Issue 1:
Ownership, Managerial Entrenchment, and Corporate Performance
Praveen Kumar, Alessandro Zattoni

Volume 21, Issue 5:
Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance: Comparative Perspectives
Timothy M. Devinney, Joachim Schwalbach, Cynthia A. Williams

Volume 21, Issue 3:
How Much Do Country-Level or Firm-Level Variables Matter in Corporate Governance Studies?
Praveen Kumar, Alessandro Zattoni

Volume 21, Issue 2:
Developing Corporate Governance Theory through Qualitative Research
Alessandro Zattoni, Thomas Douglas, William Judge

Volume 21, Issue 1:
Incoming Editorial
Praveen Kumar, Alessandro Zattoni

Volume 20, Issue 6:
International Developments in Executive Compensation
Brian K. Boyd, Monica Franco Santos, Wei Shen

Volume 20, Issue 5:
Relation-based Versus Rule-Based Governance Systems
William Judge

Volume 20, Issue 4:
Anglo-American versus Asian Corporate Governance Environments
William Judge

Volume 20, Issue 3:
Owner Type as Emerging Area of Governance Research
William Judge

Volume 20, Issue 2:
The Importance of Considering Context when Developing a Global Theory of Corporate Governance
William Judge

Volume 20, Issue 1:
Pioneering Research in Comparative Corporate Governance: the Role of Special Issues
William Judge

Volume 19, Issue 6:
The Pivotal Role of Ownership

Volume 19, Issue 5:
Corporate Governance and the 2008–09 Financial Crisis

Volume 19, Issue 4:
New Answers and Questions Arising from Corporate Governance Research

Volume 19, Issue 3:
Private Equity, LBOs, and Corporate Governance: International Evidence

Volume 19, Issue 2:
What Level of Analysis is Most Salient for a Global Theory of Corporate Governance?

Volume 19, Issue 1:
The Multiple Levels of Analysis Involved with Corporate Governance Studies

Volume 18, Issue 6:
Comparative Corporate Governance & International Business Research

Volume 18, Issue 5:
The Wide-Ranging Effects of Corporate Governance Throughout the World

Volume 18, Issue 4:
Forms and Effects of Shareholder Activism

Volume 18, Issue 3:
Corporate Governance Mechanisms Throughout the World

Volume 18, Issue 2:
Thomas Kuhn and Corporate Governance Research

Volume 18, Issue 1:
Ruminations on Financial Efficiency and Social Legitimacy

Volume 17, Issue 6:
A Tribute to Denis and McConnell

Volume 17, Issue 5:
The Complexity of International Corporate Governance Research

Volume 17 Issue 4:
Guest Editorial: Asian Corporate Governance or Corporate Governance in Asia?

Volume 17 Issue 3:
Taking Stock of Corporate Governance Research While Looking to the Future

Volume 17 Issue 2:
Toward a Global Theory of Corporate Governance

Volume 17 Issue 1:
The Geographic Diversity of CGIR

Volume 16 Issue 6:
The Screening Process for New Submissions

Volume 16 Issue 5:
What is the Dependent Variable in Corporate Governance Research?

Volume 16 Issue 4:
Methodological Pluralism

Volume 16 Issue 3:
Agency and Institutions

Volume 16 Issue 2:
Editorial Note

Volume 15 Issue 5:
Editorial Note