Philosophical Investigations

Cover image for Vol. 40 Issue 1

Edited By: H.O. Mounce

Online ISSN: 1467-9205


Philosophical Investigations features articles in every branch of philosophy. Whether focusing on traditional or on new aspects of the subject, it offers thought-provoking articles and maintains a lively readership with an acclaimed discussion section and wide-ranging book reviews. Special issues are published on topics of current philosophical interest.

Aims and Scope

Philosophical Investigations is a quarterly journal which contains articles, discussions, critical notices and reviews covering every branch of philosophy.

Its aim is to publish works of merit which deal with those topics that are of interest not simply to professional philosophers but also to the wider educated public. In recent years, for example, it has produced special issues dealing with the nature of consciousness and with the relation between ethics and religion.

The journal is international both in its contributors and its readership.


philosophy, philosophical, investigations, analysis, debate, periodical, review, theory, history, studies, article, epistemology, aesthetics, ethics, moral, knowledge, perspectivism, diachronic, synchronic, criticism, notes, research

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