Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society (Hardback)

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Edited By: Matthew Soteriou

Online ISSN: 1467-9264

Associated Title(s): Aristotelian Society Supplementary Volume

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Aristotelian Society Supplementary Volume

The Aristotelian Society Supplementary Volume

The Supplementary Volume, also published annually in June, contains the papers to be read at the Joint Session of the Aristotelian Society and the Mind Association.

Highlights from the Supplementary Volume:
The Poverty of Analysis
David Papineau

Scientific Structuralism: On the Identity and Diversity of Objects in a Structure
James Ladyman

Time, Topology and Physical Geometry
Tim Maudlin



Joint Session 2013

The Joint Session is the annual conference of The Aristotelian Society held in conjunction with The Mind Association. It is the largest and primary conference for philosophers in the UK. The session takes place in July every year.

The 2013 Joint Session of the Aristotelian Society & The Mind Association takes place 12-14th July 2013 at Exeter University.
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Visit the Online Conference

Celebrate 125 years of the Proceedings with their first online conference, running from the 12th-18th April 2013. The conference theme of 'Truth' explores back catalogue Proceedings papers, including videos, commentary and online discussion.

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Podcasts from The Aristotelian Society

2012 marks the 133rd Session of the Proceedings (112th Volume). Following tradition, the Session will be inaugurated by the incoming President of the Society.

Starting with the Presidential Address, the Society is very happy to announce that the talks for the 133rd Session will be made freely available as audio podcasts. Listen to recent podcasts here.

The Aristotelian Society


The Aristotelian Society, founded in 1880, meets fortnightly in London, throughout the academic year, to hear and discuss philosophical papers. Papers are drawn from an international base of contributors and discuss issues across a broad range of philosophical traditions, including those which are of greatest current interest.

The Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society contains the papers read at the meetings and short discussion notes on these papers.

The Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society