Cover image for Vol. 29 Issue 4

Edited By: David S. Oderberg

Online ISSN: 1467-9329

Special Issues

2011: Developing Deontology, edited by Brad Hooker

2010: Agents and Their Actions, edited by Maximillian de Gaynesford

2009: Essays on Derek Parfit’s On What Matters, edited by John Cottingham and Jussi Suikkanen

2008: Justice, Equality and Constructivism, edited by Brian Feltham

2007: Wittgenstein and Reason, edited by John Preston

2006: The Meaning of Theism, edited by John Cottingham

2005: Metaphysics and Science, edited by Alice Drewery

2004: The Self, edited by Galen Strawson

2003: On What We Owe to Each Other, edited by Philip Stratton-Lake

2002: The Philosophy of Body, edited by Michael Proudfoot

2001: Meaning and Representation, edited by Emma Borg

2000: Arguing With Derrida, edited by Simon Glendinning

1999: Normativity, edited by Jonathan Dancy

1998: Form and Matter, edited by David Oderberg

1997: Ideals of Equality, edited by Andrew Mason

1996: The Rise of Analytic Philosophy, edited by Hans-Johann Glock

1995: Truth in Ethics, edited by Brad Hooker