Reviews in Religion & Theology

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Edited By: Philip McCosker

Online ISSN: 1467-9418

Associated Title(s): Conversations in Religion & Theology


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Call for Contributions
We are always looking to develop our pool of reviewers. If you are interested in writing occasional reviews for RRT, please contact the Editor identifying your current areas of interest.

We welcome suggestions for new features and columns, or comments on the current content of RRT.

Reviews fall into three categories: review essays (1500-2000 words), reviews (600-1000 words) and short notices (200-500 words). In addition, there are a number of regular and occasional columns: Stateside, Commentary, Recent Books in..., and Once More.

Reviews must offer an objective, accessible, reasoned, open and informative discussion of the publication(s) in question. Why should anyone want to buy/read this particular publication?

Call for books.
RRT reviews books in the area of theology and religious studies, including biblical studies, history and sociology of religion, theology, ethics and philosophy, and aims to inform scholars and religious professionals and provide an up-to-date guide to current developments and publishing in the lively field of religion and theology. Please send books to the editor: Dr Philip McCosker, The Editor, Von Hügel Institute, St Edmund's College, Cambridge, CB3 0BN, UK,