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Editors: Peter Fredriksson, Paul Klein, and Peter Norman Sørensen

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SJEPrize Announcement
We are delighted to announce that the SJE Prize for the best article published in 2013 in The Scandinavian Journal of Economics has been awarded to Michèle Belot and Timothy Hatton for their article, "The Political Economy of Clientelism" (Volume 115, Issue 2, April 2013). Click here to read this freely available article online today!

The SJE Prize (formerly the David Davidson Prize) is awarded annually to the best paper, as judged by the SJE Editors, published in the four issues of that year.

The 2012 prize winning article was awarded to Michèle Belot and Timothy Hatton for their article, “Immigrant Selection in the OECD” (published in Volume 114, Issue 4, December 2012).

The Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics
The below papers (published in Volume 115, Issue 3, July 2013) are freely available to all online - simply click on the links below:

Press release from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

Lloyd Shapley's Matching and Game Theory
Roberto Serrano

Economic Engineering and the Design of Matching Markets: The Contributions of Alvin E. Roth
Matthew O. Jackson

Special Issues

Volume 116, Issue 1, January 2014.

Recent ongoing financial crises highlight the consequences of financial liberalization in a second-best world. They also show the inherent international nature of crises due to increased financial integration among countries. Read more of the Guest Editors’ Preface and the nine papers selected for this issue here - all freely available online!

The Scandinavian Journal of Economics (SJE) publishes a special issue each year on a key topic in economics. Read an earlier Special Issue with a Symposium on Field Experiments here.

The tradition of devoting one issue of the SJE each year to a particular topic in economics dates back to 1969. These issues have proved to be widely read and cited. More recently and with the help of distinguished guest editors, the journal now sends out calls for papers to a select group of leading researchers, followed by a regular refereeing process on the papers submitted. The first such special issue was Behavioral Economics, published in 2004, with Ernst Fehr as guest editor.

To read the previous SJE special issues online today, simply click on the links below:
Symposium on Field Experiments (2013)
Climate Change and Distribution (2011)
Price and Wage Dynamics (2010)
Heterogeneous Firms and International Trade (2009)
Economics of Education and Human-Capital Accumulation (2008)
Macroeconomic Fluctuations and the Labor Market (2007)
Political Economy (2006)
Technology and Change (2005)
Behavioral Economics (2004)
Population Dynamics and Macroeconomic Performance (2003)
Macroeconomic Risk, Policies and Institutions (2002)
Intergenerational Transfers, Taxes and the Distribution of Wealth (2001)
Social Security in the 21st Century (2000)

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