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Edited By: Sarah Green, Mike Michael, Beverley Skeggs and Michael Burawoy

Online ISSN: 1467-954X

Most Cited

The Editors of The Sociological Review are pleased to offer you free access to the top cited articles from the journal. The journal has received 1,595 citations since 2004 from 213 contributions, an average of 7.5 citations per contribution.

Top Cited Articles contributing to the Five Year Impact Factor

1. On sociology and STS by John Law

2. The ambivalence of ordinary cosmopolitanism: Investigating the limits of cosmopolitanism openness by Zlatko Skrbis and Ian Woodward

3. 'Ladettes' and 'modern girls': 'troublesome' young femininities by Carolyn Jackson and Penny Tinkler

4. 'Don't you think you're missing out, living at home?' Student experiences and residential transitions by Clare Holdsworth

5. Assembling an economic actor: the agencement of a Hedge Fund by Iain Hardie and Donald MacKenzie

6. On ethnomethodology, feminism, and the analysis of categorial reference to gender in talk-in-interaction by Elizabeth Stokoe

7. The 2010 Football World Cup as a political construct: the challenge of making good on an African promise by Scarlett Cornelissen and Kamilla Swart

8. Re-invigorating democracy? White middle class identities and comprehensive schooling by Diane Reay, Gill Crozier, David James, Sumi Hollingworth, Katya Williams, Fiona Jamieson and Phoebe Beedall -

9.Re-defining 'norms': D/deaf young people's transitions to independence by Gill Valentine and Tracey Skelton

10. Accounting for ethos or programmes for conduct?The brave new world of research ethics committees by Rebecca Boden, Debbie Epstein and Joanna Latimer

* The list above show articles published over the last five years which have gathered citations in 2011

Top Cited Articles since 1961

1. Medicine as an institution of social control by Irving Kenneth Zola

2. Understanding home: a critical review of the literature by Shelley Mallett

3. Social exclusion, mobility and access by Noel Cass, Elizabeth Shove and John Urry

4. Conceptualising social capital in relation to the well-being of children and young people: a critical review by Virginia Morrow

5. The appeal to 'professionalism' as a disciplinary mechanism by Valerie Fournier

6. Disgusted subjects: the making of middle class identities by Stephanie Lawler

7. The concept of social-movement by Mario Diani

8. Home, home ownership and the search for ontological security by Ann Dupuis and David C. Thorns

9. On sociology and STS by John Law

10. A useful extension of Bourdieu's conceptual framework?: emotional capital as a way of understanding mothers' involvement in their children's education? by Diane Reay