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Edited By: Thomas Pearson; Director of the Wabash Center: Nadine S. Pence

Online ISSN: 1467-9647

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Teaching Tactics

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Teaching Through Creation Stories
Winden-Fey Julia

Introducing History
Patty Stacy

The Mastery Quiz
Peg Shaffer

First Day Quiz
Nora L. Rubel

A Research Idea is Hatched
Amy DeRogatis

Progressive Case Study
Gordon Mikoski, Stephen Cady, Andrew Zirschky

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Teaching Theology and Religion is published in cooperation with the Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion. The Wabash Center supports teachers of religion and theology in higher education through meetings and workshops, grants, consultants, a journal and other resources to make accessible the scholarship of teaching and learning.


Edited transcripts of interviews or recorded conference panel discussions:

Should We Be Teaching the Historical Critical Method?
(recorded at the Society for Biblical Literature conference in Boston, November 2009)
A.K.M. Adam, Richard Ascough, Sandra Gravett, Alice Hunt, Dale Martin, Edward Wimberly, Seung Ai Yang

Changing Institutional Location: A Reflective Conversation on the Move from Undergraduate to Seminary/Divinity School Teaching
(group interview)
Ellen Marshall, Matt Mathews, Amy Oden, John Thatamanil, Patricia O'Connell Killen

Teaching the History of Christianity: Critical Themes and Challenges
(recorded at the American Academy of Religion conference in Chicago Illinois, October 2009)
Patricia O'Connell Killen, Madeline Duntley, Constance Furey, W. Clark Gilpin, Horace E. Six-Means