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Edited By: Matei Candea

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Virtual Issue - The Anthropology of Knowledges

The Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute is pleased to announce the Virtual Issue on "The Anthropology of Knowledges".

To know or not to know? Practices of knowledge and ignorance among Bidayuhs in an "impurely" Christian world
Liana Chua

Doubt, faith and knowledge: the reconfiguration of the intellectual field in post-Nasserist Cairo
Hatsuki Aishima & Armando Salvatore

Muslim politics in postcolonial Kenya: negotiating knowledge on the double-periphery
Kai Kresse

Affective spaces, melancholic objects: ruination and the production of anthropological knowledge
Yael Navaro-Yashin

Knowledge and discipline - knowledge as discipline: aspects of the oral history of Irish sexuality
Carles Salazar

Meeting of minds: how do we share our appreciation of traditional environmental knowledge?
Eugene Hunn

The interplay of ethnographic and archaeological knowledge in the study of past human subsistence in the tropics
David R. Harris

A community of critics? Thoughts on new knowledge
Marilyn Strathern

Property as Legal Knowledge: Means and Ends
Annelise Riles

Not Animal, Not Not-Animal: Hunting, Imitation and Empathetic Knowledge Among the Siberian
Yukaghirs Rane Willerslev

Evolution and devolution of knowledge: a tale of two biologies
Scott Atran, Douglas Medin & Norbert Ross

Knowing human moral knowledge to be true: an essay on intellectual conviction
David P. Crandall

From Secrets of Life to the Life of Secrets: Tracing Genetic Knowledge as Genealogical Ethics in Biomedical Britain
Monica Konrad

The bones affair: indigenous knowledge practices in contact situations seen from an Amazonian case
Carlos Fausto

Anthropological and accounting knowledge in Islamic banking and finance: rethinking critical accounts
Bill Maurer