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Wiley-Blackwell is pleased to publish the Philological Society Monograph Series which presents original work in descriptive and theoretical linguistics taking a synchronic or a diachronic perspective. The series reflects a wide range of linguistic interest and contains titles on a diversity of topics including phonology, linguistics, generative grammar, pragmatics, sociolinguistics, and the history of placenames.

Prior to submitting a proposal for consideration, please refer to the website of The Philological Society.

Most Recent include:

 Language, Society and Identity in early Iceland

Language, Society and Identity in early Iceland
Stephen Pax Leonard

 J.G. Schottelius's Ausfuhrliche

J.G. Schottelius's Ausführliche Arbeit von der Teutschen HaubtSprache (1663) and its Place in Early Modern European Vernacular Language Study
Nicola McLelland 

 The Semantic Predecessors

The Semantic Predecessors of Need in the History of English (c750-1710)
Lucía Loureiro-Porto

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