Transactions of the Philological Society

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Edited By: James Clackson

Online ISSN: 1467-968X

Robins Prize

PhilSoc offers a ninth R. H. Robins student Prize for an article submission on a linguistic topic that falls within the area of the Society’s interests as defined by present and past publications in the Transactions of the Philological Society (TPhS).

The Prize will be awarded in open competition. The competition is open to any individual or individuals who was/were both:

(i) registered students (at the time of submission); s/he/they should submit a letter from his/her/their supervisor, or from a person of similar standing, attesting to his/her/their status and that the submission is his/her/their own work); and,
(ii) Members or Student Associate Members of the Society (membership can be applied for at the time of submission).

The article submission can — but need not — have been based on some part of a projected doctoral or masters dissertation. The submission should not have been published before (except possibly in a departmental working paper or the like), nor should it have been submitted for publication elsewhere.

The author(s) of the winning submission will receive a cash prize of £500 (shared equally between the authors of a jointly authored submission); the author(s) of the runner-up essay or essays will receive a cash prize of £250 (again, shared equally as appropriate). Additionally, the prize-winning and runner-up submissions — revised where appropriate in line with referees’ comments — will be considered for publication in the Society’s journal, the Transactions of the Philological Society.

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Past Winners:

2014 Charlotte Hemmings (SOAS)
Kelabit voice: Philippine-type, Indonesian-type or something a bit different? (TPhS 113.3, 383-405)

2014 Silva Nurmio (Cambridge) (runner-up)
Collective nouns in Welsh: a noun category or a plural allomorph?

2014 Helen Sims-Williams (Oxford) (runner-up)
Analogical levelling and optimisation: the treatment of pointless lexical allomorphy in Greek

2012 No prize awarded

2010 Thomas Rainsford (Cambridge) (Runner up)
Dividing lines: the Changing syntax and prosody ... in Medieval French verse (TPhS 109.3 265-283)

2010: Francesco Ciconte (Manchester)
The emergence and the reanalysis of the existential pro-form: evidence from Early Italo-Romance (TPhS 109.3 284-306)

2008: Petros Karatsareas (Cambridge)
The loss of grammatical gender in Cappadocian Greek (TPhS 107.2: 196-230)

2006 Susana Afonso (Machester) (Runner up)
Existentials as impersonalising devices: the case of European Portuguese (TPhS 106.2: 180-215)

2006: Louise Mycock (Manchester)
Constituent question formation and focus: A new typological perspective (TPhS 105.2: 192-251)

2004: Sarah Turner (University College, Oxford)
Post-verbal subjects in Early East Slavonic (TPhS 104.1: 85-117)

2000: Virve-Anneli Vihman (Edinburgh)
Middle voice in Estonian (TPhS 100.1: 131-160)