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Edited By: Aline Kalbian and Martin Kavka

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Call For Papers


Call For Papers

The Journal of Religious Ethics is seeking manuscripts for a projected focus issue on feminist moral philosophy and religious ethics. We are interested in articles that address historical, methodological, and practical issues related to the intersection of feminist moral philosophy and the field of religious ethics. Our goal is to foster broader conversations about feminism's influence on religious ethics, and, in particular, to break down artificial disciplinary boundaries that often stifle robust conversations. We encourage a diversity of perspectives from philosophers and religious studies scholars. Submission deadline: May 1, 2013.

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Interview with Charles Curran

Listen to Charles Curran discuss his career, the future of religious ethics, and contemporary morality issues in this video.

JRE Symposium

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This symposium held in Washington DC earlier this year to honor the outgoing editors of the JRE, John Kelsay and Sumner B. Twiss, featured a talk by James T. Johnson, a leading historian of the just war tradition and responses by religious ethics scholar Irene Oh, and legal scholar Sean Murphy. Johnson raises important questions about the morality of military "humanitarian interventions" in the context of the UN document Responsibility to Protect. Oh and Murphy challenge some of Johnson's conclusions and suggest different ways to think about the moral and legal obligations that nations have to intervene militarily in situations of egregious human rights violations.

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Q&A Session

Kelsay and Twiss were co-editors of the JRE from 2001-2011; a virtual issue composed of their most important publications in the journal, as well as John Kelsay's keynote address at Wiley-Blackwell's virtual conference on "The Changing Face of War" can be found here.